At ‘Oz’ gala, RNs show heart and courage

If “The Wizard of Oz’s” Tin Man and Lion are in search of heart and courage, they need only look to the RNs of Nathan Littauer Hospital to find them.

The hospital held its annual foundation gala on Friday, May 30, and five enthusiastic members from the NYSNA NLH bargaining unit came in full costume for the “Evening of Oz - There’s No Place Like Your Hometown Hospital” theme.

The RNs, dressed as Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, The Witch and even a member of The Lollipop Guild, mingled with prominent donors, executive staff and other community members to show our support for providing quality care for our community.

“It was a great opportunity to participate in such a fun, high-profile event that supports patient care. And it allowed us to start the conversation about what really matters: keeping quality patient care at Nathan Littauer Hospital,” said Marion (RN and Lollipop Kid) Enright.

The RNs turned more than a few heads when we showed up in the NYSNA RV. No flying monkeys were available.

Nathan Littauer NYSNA RNs.

Spreading the word about quality patient care

Nathan Littauer RNs are advocating for a union contract that strengthens staffing levels, and helps prevent RN burnout.

On Memorial Day, the RNs marched with friends and family to show their NYSNA pride in the annual parade in Gloversville — one of the most heavily-attended events for the town. The RNs were cheered on by many local residents who rely on NLH for their care.  

“We’re proud of the care we give to our community and our first priority is our patients. That's why its so important to secure a contract that will keep and attract skilled nurses to work at Nathan Littauer,” said Katy Peterson, RN on the Med-Surg unit at the hospital.

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