Nurses celebrate the 4th of July at Staten Island Parade

On July 4, nurses and our families hit the streets of Staten Island with our first ever float in the annual Travis Parade. Amid rain, shine, cheers, and chants, we came out in NYSNA red to show support for our patients and neighbors in Staten Island and to celebrate our independence.
Nurses from Staten Island University Hospital, Sea View, Richmond University Medical Center, and the Visiting Nurse Association joined the float.
“It was exhilarating — not only to show our patriotism, but to show our visibility in the community that we serve so lovingly,” said Maddalena Spero, RN and local bargaining unit president at SIUH. “As someone born and raised and working in Staten Island, it’s a beautiful day to be representing NYSNA in our community.”
“This was a good change for all four hospitals, and everyone, to get together,” added Kim Yeo, RN, from Sea View. “It’s a part of the celebration for freedom and community.”

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