NYSNA stands behind continuing education

Nurses Attend NYSNA Continuing Education Classes

RNs are required through the Code of Ethics for Nurses to participate in essential educational programs to maintain their competence in the specialty area in which they work and to advance their practice. NYSNA provides many opportunities for members to do just that because the union understands that our professionalism is rooted in ongoing knowledge enhancement.

Free and low-cost classes

Towards this end, NYSNA offers free and low-cost classes for members, including free online New York State-mandated courses: Infection Control, Child Abuse, and, specifically for Nurse Practitioners, The New York State Mandatory Prescriber Education Guidance course.

Many nurses are looking to become certified in their specialty area which carries many benefits, such as being expert in your specialty area, and receiving a certification differential through the collective bargaining agreement that gives you increased pay and gives you opportunities in your facility to climb the clinical ladder (in some cases also increasing base pay). Across the board, nurses who become certified feel more confident in their day-to-day practice.

Available grants

There is more opportunity we are pleased to share. NYSNA has received grants for which members can apply in order to continue their education toward a BSN degree or master’s degree. We are also working on additional opportunities to make advancing your degree easier and more cost effective.

Nursing education in all aspects of the work that you do is vital to your practice, and NYSNA offers continuing educational courses on topics such as:

  • Charting with a Jury in Mind (three-part series)
  • Critical Thinking in the ICU–Best Practices
  • Cultural Competence: A Core Nursing Skill
  • And more!

We offer certification review courses in specialty areas, including:

Ambulatory Nursing
Cardiac Surgery Nursing
Case Management
CNOR Nursing Professional RN
Correctional Health
Critical Care Nursing
Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Emergency Nursing
Gerontological Nursing
Infection Control Nursing
Inpatient Obstetrics Nursing
Medical/Surgical Nursing
Neonatal Nursing
Nephrology Nursing
Neurology Nursing
Neuroscience Nursing
Oncology Nursing
Operating Room Nursing
PACU Nursing
Pain Management Nursing
Pediatric Critical Care Nursing
Pediatric Nursing
Pediatric Oncology Nursing
Peri-Operative Nursing
Rehabilitation Nursing
Stroke Nursing
Wound Care Nursing

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