ONE VOICE United for Quality Care

It’s a new day at New York- Presbyterian, where the NYSNA/ 1199 Campaign for Quality Care is taking hold. We have joined forces because we share a common goal: providing quality care.

All too often, management at Presby undermines that goal. Every healthcare worker knows that quality care is achieved when we have a voice in decision-making. We’re on the front lines: We know what patients need, and we know what we need to do right by them.

The NYSNA/1199 partnership at Presby is forging a new model of how to make change for the better for patients and healthcare workers alike. The campaign is taking many forms: joint delegate meetings, joint chapter meetings, joint quality care committees in each unit or department, and, when needed, protests to underscore our issues and demands.

We’re creating the space to talk with one another and to find new ways of working together for our common cause. We are committed to keep building, and to keep doing more.

Together, we’re taking a stand for:

  • Safe staffing in every unit and department.
  • Adequate supplies that function properly.
  • An end to corporatized healthcare.
  • A voice in resource allocation and budgeting.
  • Access to critical data to participate in decision-making.

Add your voice to the chorus for change. Together, there will be no silencing us.

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