Our votes made a difference

For the first time in NYSNA’s history, we endorsed a candidate for New York City mayor this year, and we have already made a big difference in the city’s political landscape.

Our candidate, Bill de Blasio, won tremendous support in the primary because of his vision for the city — a vision that features access to quality healthcare for every New Yorker, in every neighborhood. It’s not clear as we go to press whether or not there will be a runoff for the mayoral candidate, but it is clear that New Yorkers want a mayor who puts people first.

Public healthcare at risk

Right now, the public healthcare system is hanging in the balance. Twelve of the city’s hospitals have closed in the last 10 years. Several are at risk today. We’re in a constant fight to stop service cuts like the recent closing of the Labor and Delivery unit at North Central Bronx Hospital.

Our city still has the greatest public healthcare system in the country. But it’s in real danger of being destroyed. New Yorkers deserve better.

Vote to defend quality care

That’s why NYSNA’s board unanimously voted to endorse Bill de Blasio. He has a proven track record of standing up for public healthcare. He has fought on the frontlines with us to defend every New Yorkers’ right to quality care. Our public healthcare system turns no one away. We care for, and about, every patient. With Bill de Blasio, New Yorkers will have a mayor who cares as well.

I hope you will join me – and encourage your co-workers, family, and friends to do the same – in voting for healthcare for New Yorkers. Your vote is your voice.

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