Statement from the New York State Nurses Association regarding the death of Héctor Figueroa

Contact: Carl Ginsburg,, 917.405.1060

New York, NY - People from New York to Florida, and in Puerto Rico, and every place where workers’ rights and social justice are sought, mourn the death of Héctor Figueroa, who passed away last night at age 57.

For NYSNA nurses, Héctor Figueroa was one of the finest strategists of our time, one to whom we looked for leadership – and we found it in this extraordinary man.  His values – of profound respect for working people, of building a society of living wages and good retirement, of access to quality education and healthcare for all, and of immigrant rights – helped lead us on a path to dignity and equality for all.  

He believed in universal access to healthcare, reinforcing our belief that healthcare is a human right.  He spoke out for immigrants: “…they are the lifeblood of what makes America great.”

Héctor Figueroa came to New York City from Puerto Rico, and his intimate knowledge of conditions in both places informed his great leadership. At 32BJ SEIU, President Figueroa inspired workers in many ways, towards a goal of creating a society where the voices of working people would always be heard and respected.

32BJ workers beam with pride — pride in their work, pride in the families they support and in the communities where they live, pride in a life fulfilled.

Pride in Héctor Figueroa. 

The 42,000 registered nurses of the New York State Nurses Association acknowledge the special role Héctor Figueroa played in seeking justice and equality in New York and beyond.  He lives on through the words of his outspoken voice, through his deeds and actions. He will be remembered with reverence.


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