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More than 100 nurses from the Capital Region came together on July 10 – and we voted unanimously to adopt NYSNA's Capital Region platform for Safe Staffing and Quality Care!

Nurses came together from union and nonunion facilities to set common priorities and a common strategy to protect caregivers, our patients, and our communities. Our platform calls for safe staffing, affordable healthcare for caregivers, fair wages that meet the state average, and protecting care in our communities.


Nurses at Montefiore's Weiler hospital have won a victory for Safe Staffing – and now 15 new RNs positions are on the fast track.

Before our campaign, patients and nurses in the Weiler Emergency Department faced inadequate staffing, overcrowding, delays in assessing and reassessing patients, and high turnover among RNs due to stressful working conditions.


It's up to us to stop a handful of lawmakers blocking Safe Staffing.

New York State lawmakers just ended their legislative session. And for the second year in a row, State Senate Health chair Kemp Hannon, the Republican/IDC Senate leadership, and a few Assembly members blocked the passage of the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act.

That's not acceptable. This year, thanks to our work, a majority of sitting lawmakers in both the State Senate and Assembly signed on to support safe staffing – that’s more support than ever. Senator Hannon and a few other lawmakers had the opportunity to pass safe staffing – and save lives. Instead, they abused their power to block it. Find out what you can do to pass safe staffing.


“Safe staffing through ratios saves lives and makes financial sense,” says NYSNA Executive Director Jill Furillo, RN, in the “Expert Opinion” section of the latest City & State magazi