NYC Nurses Demand Fair Contracts

Across New York City, NYSNA nurses at private sector facilities are coming together like never before. We’re fed up with bosses treating us as expendable and we’re demanding safe staffing ratios, better pay to keep nurses at the bedside, good healthcare, and more community say in patient care.

Nearly 20,000 nurses have contracts that expire by the end of the year. Nurses in all five boroughs are busy at the bargaining table—and in the streets—speaking out for their patients and profession.

Bargaining Highlights

  • Mount Sinai Hospital: After delivering signed petitions, marching on the boss, and holding a sticker day action, Mount Sinai Hospital nurses won face-to-face negotiations and had their first session last week. In addition, management agreed to fully incorporate Juneteenth as a recognized paid holiday.
  • Montefiore (Moses and Weiler): After delivering a bargaining platform petition with over 2,000 signatures to management, NYSNA nurses were just getting warmed up! NYSNA members at Montefiore signed huge petition boards all across the Bronx, letting management know it's time to listen to the nurses.
  • Maimonides Medical Center: NYSNA RNs held our first bargaining session with hospital management on October 10th and we presented a full set of comprehensive proposals. We stand united in our fight for a contract that ensures our community, our patients and our profession have what we need to continue to provide the level of care our patients deserve.
  • Brooklyn Hospital Center: RNs had their first bargaining session and presented their proposals to management. We let the bosses know that we won’t accept any give-backs and are standing firm in our fight for a fair contract.
  • One Brooklyn Health (Kingsbrook and Interfaith): Our committees finished drafting the blended language for the joint Kingsbrook-Interfaith contract, and are scheduled to meet again to finalize our improvements.
  • Flushing Hospital Medical Center: NYSNA members have had two bargaining sessions with management and won four TAs including one to add gender identity to the list of protected classes, and one to split the MCH float pool between in-patient and out-patient units.
  • Wyckoff Heights Medical Center: RNs have had two bargaining sessions and won three TAs. Our committee proposed ending floating altogether as a way to try to settle ongoing arbitration around floating.
  • Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home: NYSNA members let management know that we won’t accept any of the concessions on healthcare and PTO that they put on the table and we are continuing to fight to get management to engage with us on safe staffing.

When we fight, we win!

NewYork-Presbyterian (NY-P) management was the last holdout among NYC hospitals to agree to our demand to meet in person for bargaining. But NYSNA nurses organized, marched on the boss, and won! Fifty NY-P nurses marched on the boss, but the CNO and DON were nowhere to be found on campus so nurses chanted and left petitions with other managers demanding management bargain in person for a fair contract. The organizing got results! The first in-person bargaining session with NewYork-Presbyterian will be November 17.

On their first day of bargaining, more than 50 NYSNA BronxCare Health System nurses delivered their bargaining platform petition to management. Demanding safe staffing, fair standards, and moving bargaining back to the main campus so members can attend. The RNs were resolute and clear: they are UNITED and ready to fight for their patients, for each other, and for the Bronx community.

A Week of RN Action!

We made our voices heard loud and clear with our Week of Action to win fair contracts at all our hospitals. Beginning October 24, the week included speak-outs at:

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center
  • Mount Sinai Hospital, Mount Sinai West, and Mount Sinai Morningside
  • BronxCare Health System
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center
  • Montefiore Medical Center