ADVISORY: NYSNA Nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital and Montefiore Bronx on Strike


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NYSNA Nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital and Montefiore Bronx on Strike

Strikes Begin in Four Locations at 6:00 AM

Press Conference at Noon at Mount Sinai with Striking Nurses and Supporters

New York, NY—After bargaining late into the night at Montefiore and Mount Sinai Hospital yesterday, no tentative agreements were reached. Today, more than 7,000 nurses at two hospitals are on strike for fair contracts that improve patient care.

WHAT: Day 1 Strike Press Conference with NYSNA nurses and elected, labor, and community allies, including Attorney General Letitia James, NYS AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento AFL, NYC Labor Council President Vincent Alvarez, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, and Council Member Gale Brewer

WHERE: Mount Sinai Hospital Madison and E. 99th Street in Manhattan

WHEN: Monday, Jan. 9 at noon


Montefiore Moses - 111 East 210th St., Bronx

Montefiore Weiler - 1825 Eastchester Rd., Bronx

Montefiore Hutch - 1250 Waters Pl., Bronx

Mount Sinai Hospital - 1 Gustave Levy Pl, Madison & 99th, NY

Late yesterday, Gov. Hochul released a statement asking for binding arbitration and calling on the Department of Health to enforce nurse staffing requirements under the law, NYSNA responded.

NYSNA will not host a virtual press briefing today. The press conference will be livestreamed at


To all of our patients, to all New Yorkers, we want to be absolutely clear: If you are sick, please do not delay getting medical care, regardless of whether we are on strike. Patients should seek hospital care immediately if they need it. We would rather be the ones providing that care, but our bosses have pushed us to be out here instead. We appreciate solidarity from our patients — but going into the hospital to get the care you need is NOT crossing our strike line. In fact, we invite you to come join us on the strike line after you've gotten the care you need. We are out here so we can provide better patient care to you!

Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO: “Union members across the city and state, from the public sector, private sector, and building trades are united in our support of the nurses represented by NYSNA, who have been put in the unfortunate position of having no other choice than to strike. These nurses are dedicated professionals who provide quality patient care under unimaginable conditions including short staffing, which were only exacerbated by the pandemic. The hospitals treatment of these nurses is proof that all their words of adulation for their healthcare heroes during the pandemic were hollow. It is time for the hospitals to treat these nurses fairly, with the dignity and respect they deserve, to ensure nurses can get back to serving their communities by providing superior care to their patients.”

“The entire New York City Labor Movement stands with our nurses, who are courageously taking action against dangerous understaffing that threatens the safety of their patients,” said New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO President Vincent Alvarez. “The decision to go on strike is never an easy one, particularly for workers who care so deeply about the patients and communities they serve. But hospital executives created this crisis by failing to hire, train, and retain nurses while at the same time treating themselves to extravagant compensation packages. Now it’s time for them to fix what they’ve broken. The full resources of the NYC CLC, our affiliates and our 1.3 million members are at the disposal of our City’s nurses as they fight for the resources they need to provide safe, quality healthcare to all New Yorkers.”

“Nurses have been through hell and back for their patients. They already fought unimaginable fights to keep us healthy and alive, and they shouldn’t have to keep fighting. Safe staffing ratios and healthy conditions common in every hospital. I stand with NYSNA nurses as they fight for fair workplace conditions.” U.S. House Representative Jamaal Bowman

”It should be alarming to all New Yorkers that these contract negotiations have come to this. Rather than raising wages and ensuring hospitals have safe staffing ratios, hospital management has been granting themselves bonuses and pocketing money that could be used to strengthen our public health infrastructure. Granting these nurses a fair contact is not just a fitting way to express our gratitude, it is the best way to keep all New Yorkers safe and healthy. I stand with NYSNA, and urge management to return to the table with a fair contract,” said State Senate Labor Chair Jessica Ramos.

"Nurses are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping our communities healthy and safe, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their tireless dedication and service. NYSNA nurses are standing up for what is right in their commitment to patient safety, economic justice, and public health to ensure they have the resources they need to provide the best care possible to all New Yorkers. I am proud to stand with NYSNA in their demands for safe staffing, fair wages, healthcare and retirement security - because our healthcare workers make us all stronger." - New York State Senator Robert Jackson.

“It is mind-boggling that some of the city's most prominent hospitals recognize the value and importance of our Nurses, and bargained in good faith with them, while others have chosen to turn their backs on Nurses and, in turn, their patients, said NYC Council Member Lynn Schulman, Chair of the Health Committee. As someone who has both worked and been a patient in a hospital, I can tell you first hand how vital Nurses are to the health outcomes of those they care for.”

State Senator Cordell Cleare: I continue to fervently believe that we must always put patients before profits; this statement is doubly true as applied to our beloved nurses, who are instrumental in ensuring that patients are cared for proactively—with dignity and compassion. I support the principled movement of nurses all over the state, including here at Mt. Sinai to stand up for themselves, their patients and our communities. Health System Bureaucrats holding up contract talks and the timely implementation of Safe Staffing are further exacerbating the nursing shortage that they created—and this is unacceptable! Nurses are the heart and soul of the healthcare system and we must treat them with the kindness, respect, remuneration and support they deserve!

“Chronic understaffing harms patient care. It was true when we passed the safe staffing law and it’s true now, one year after the law went into effect. We must strengthen staff staffing and protect patients in jeopardy. Hospitals are forcing nurses onto the picket line when they would rather be at their patients’ bedside. I’m proud to stand with NYSNA nurses as they fight protect patients and their ability to support those patients,” said Assemblymember Harvey Epstein.

“Nurses are the lifeline of the healthcare system. We cannot ignore the understaffing crisis in our healthcare system, which endangers patients lives and nurses ability to serve. Empowering and respecting our nurses means that hospitals uphold safe staffing levels and fair wages. Hospital management must agree to fair contracts to ensure the future of public health,” said NYC Council Member Julie Menin.  

Quote from Assemblyman Alex Bores: “I stand with our nurses, and will continue to do so. We must put patient care first by addressing the understaffing crisis”

"I stand with the nurses of Mt. Sinai and with their union as they demand a fair and timely contract," said Assemblymember Grace Lee. "Addressing the staff shortage needs to be a top priority for Mt. Sinai and all our healthcare providers that are chronically understaffed. Addressing these shortages is just one piece of what needs to be done to ensure the long-term health of our healthcare system and our first responders as we recover from the ongoing pandemic.”

"Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system and they are fighting for what's right. Nurses should be inside hospitals caring for patients, not outside fighting for what they deserve already. The nurses' number one issue is chronic understaffing. Mt. Sinai and Montefiore have more than 1,200 nurse vacancies between them which is unsafe for nurses and for patients. Other hospital administrators listened to nurses and negotiated fair contracts. The holdouts must do the same,” said NYC Council Member Gale Brewer.

“I’m proud to stand in solidarity with nurses on strike across our city this week. Hospital bosses took home huge salaries and bonuses while frontline caregivers risked their lives through the twin crises of the pandemic and understaffing, the latter created by hospital employers.“ said Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani.

Here you go: "I fully support and stand in solidarity with the thousands of NYC nurses that are on strike fighting for better patient care, a fair contract, and safe staffing. It is time that Mount Sinai put people over profit and give our city’s frontline heroes the dignity and respect that they rightfully deserve. When we organize, we win," said Assembly Member Steve Raga.

“When New Yorkers were dying Mount Sinai’s nurses did not walk out on us. While the CEO was making a large salary, the nurses were risking their lives day after day to save New Yorkers. It is past time that their work and sacrifice are recognized with safe staffing, better pay, and work conditions. Clapping will not feed their families and keep them in the profession. I stand with NYSNA and the nurses and demand hospital leadership to get back to the table and do what is right,” said Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas, a member of the Assembly Committee on Health.

“No one does more to care for New Yorkers than our nurses, and it’s time we made sure they get taken care of, too. Our nurses have risked their lives and made countless personal sacrifices since the start of the pandemic, but hospital administrators have no right to take advantage of their willingness to make those sacrifices. Out of respect for their nurses and out of respect for their patients, it is time for Mt. Sinai to offer our nurses a fair contract and commit to staffing our hospitals adequately.” said NYC Council Member Shaun Abreu. “It’s time hospitals prioritize patients over profits. Our nurses were heroes long before the pandemic, and they continue to serve our most vulnerable communities daily,” said New York City Council Member Carmen De La Rosa. “Not providing them proper compensation is not only immoral, but it puts our most vulnerable New Yorkers at risk due to safe staffing concerns and difficulties with retention. I continue to stand in solidarity with NYSNA and our NYC nurses as they continue negotiations for the benefits and protections that they deserve.”

The Center for Popular Democracy, a national network of nearly 50 grassroots organizations from all over the country organizing low-income black and brown communities, unequivocally supports the New York States Nurses Association in their efforts to fight for fair staffing and appropriate compensation for their work to save our lives. Healthcare is a right, not a way for the rich to get richer. Nurses are heroes and deserve to be treated as such.- Jennifer Flynn Walker, Co-Chief of Campaigns for Center for Popular Democracy

"The Sierra Club supports family-sustaining wages and dignity on the job for all people, from workers assembling wind turbines to those caring for people in our community," said Shay O'Reilly, Senior Organizing Representative for the Sierra Club. "We will fight alongside nurses for an economy that puts people and planet over profit - starting right here in New York City, at Mt. Sinai's front doors."


The New York State Nurses Association represents more than 42,000 members in New York State. We are New York’s largest union and professional association for registered nurses. NYSNA is an affiliate of National Nurses United, AFL-CIO, the country's largest and fastest-growing union and professional association of registered nurses, with more than 225,000 members nationwide.

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The New York State Nurses Association is a union of 42,000 frontline nurses united together for strength at work, our practice, safe staffing, and healthcare for all. We are New York's largest union and professional association for registered nurses.