IDNYC is good for patient care!

NYSNA’s New York City members are supporting the efforts of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to encourage enrollment in IDNYC, a program in which the city provides a free government-issued identification card to city residents 14 years of age or older.

The IDNYC is much more than a regular ID card. NYC Health + Hospital patients can use the card to streamline patient registration and ease access to medical records. In addition, IDNYC serves as a membership card for ActionHealthNYC, the city’s healthcare access program for low-income immigrants who are not eligible for public health insurance because of their immigration status. With an IDNYC card, these patients can receive healthcare services at designated NYC Health + Hospitals locations.

IDNYC has additional benefits, including access to discounts on prescription drugs and fitness programs. It can be used at any NYC public library and gives free one-year memberships to 40 cultural institutions.

It’s good for patients and good for families, so get your IDNYC today, and spread the word to your neighbors, friends and patients! A full list of IDNYC benefits and enrollment information is available at

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