NYS Nurses Association gives re-election endorsement to Governor Cuomo

New York’s largest union and professional association of RNs gives strong backing to Governor

Contact: Carl Ginsburg, carl.ginsburg@nysna.org, 917.405.1060

New York — Citing his leadership for patients, who in the last two years were threatened by federal policies that would have slashed budgets and closed hospitals - 23 in New York State alone, the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) today announced its endorsement of Governor Andrew Cuomo for re-election. In matters of healthcare funding, safe staffing for RNs in their hospitals to ensure the highest quality care, and the protection of the state’s most vulnerable patient populations, and more, Governor Cuomo has shown a keen awareness of and commitment to the healthcare needs of the people of the state.

“Registered nurses need safe staffing in their hospitals to do their job – provide the highest quality care to patients. Governor Cuomo understands that. We applauded him when he recently directed the NYS Department of Labor to issue a notice to hospitals to support safe staffing. And today we are very pleased to announce our endorsement for his re-election. Our patients need a governor with the commitment and understanding of Andrew Cuomo.” — Marva Wade, RN, First Vice President, NYSNA and Chair, NYSNA’s Political Action Committee.

“Governor Cuomo has demonstrated leadership for patient care in the state, significantly for funding safety net hospitals that are the backbone of care for many millions of New Yorkers –  including in the state’s most underserved communities.  He has earned our endorsement and we stand behind him in his bid for re-election.” — Anne Bové, RN, Secretary, NYSNA

“We strongly endorse Governor Cuomo for his shown commitments to nursing and our needs in caring for the community. Both in terms of practice and policy, he has demonstrated an ability to act on behalf of patient needs, helping the RN mission to care for all New Yorkers. Andrew Cuomo has earned our support for another term.” — Anthony Ciampa, RN, Second Vice President, NYSNA


We are 42,000 nurses working together to win safe staffing, keep hospitals open for care, stop the Wall Street attack on our patients, and win healthcare for all.