Tentative agreements reached at 2 Brooklyn hospitals

Interfaith Bargaining Committee members (l-r): Paul Garrett, RN; Judith Bingham, RN; Sharon Bedford, RN; Ari Moma, RN; NYSNA Rep Glenn Bouldin; and Solomon Bakare, RN.

NYSNA Negotiating Committees at Interfaith Medical Center and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center recently reached tentative agreements.

RNs at Interfaith Medical Center reached an agreement that is a win for the hospital’s nurses and patients. On top of economic gains, the hospital agreed to add 20 RN FTEs over the four-year term — nearly a 10% increase — and to an expedited process for enforcement of staffing language. Ratification took place December 2.

Wyckoff Negotiating Committee members (l-r): Tanisha Thompson, RN; Ujawala Moses, RN; Marilyn Flores, RN; NYSNA Rep Darlene Coccaro; and Naila Ming, RN.

At Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a tentative agreement reached on November 20 will be put to a vote by the hospital’s 600 RNs in December. It includes strong economics plus an improved process for resolving staffing disputes.

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