Solidarity with Verizon Workers

On the same day that NYSNA held its Annual Lobby Day, nearly 40,000 CWA and IBEW union members at Verizon went on strike after ten months of contract talks reached an impasse. Verizon has already moved 5,000 jobs overseas and is trying to move thousands of others as well as to outsource work to low-wage contractors. Strikers outside Verizon’s capital office joined NYSNA for the afternoon rally and then led nurses back to their picket line in a shared chorus of protest. Chants of, “What do we want? Safe staffing!” changed to, “What do we want? Fair contract!” as nurses stood side by side with telephone technicians and customer service reps. The huge mass of NYSNA and CWA members, all wearing red, showed the power of labor solidarity.

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