The wisdom of Dr. Camara P. Jones shared at Convention

Dr. Camera P. Jones

Camara P. Jones, MD, is president-elect of the American Public Health Association and a family physician and epidemiologist, focusing on the impacts of racism on the health and well-being of the nation. Dr. Jones was honored at a Convention reception hosted by the NYSNA Committee for Social Justice and Civil Rights. On the second Convention day, she delivered a compelling presentation, “Health Disparities and the Importance of Identifying and Addressing Racism: a Primer,” where she also answered questions from members.

Dr. Camara Jones shared this thought:

“We unfortunately have lots of evidence about differences in the quality of care received within our healthcare system, by race or by ethnicity.

“There are three levels at which health disparities arise: differences in quality of care, differences in access to care, and differences in underlying exposures and opportunities. It’s like a huge iceberg. The huge, hidden base is the differences in the quality and conditions of our lives. Then, those who are made sicker are sometimes the same ones that are further frustrated because of limited access to the system. Then, even the lucky ones who get into the system are sometimes further injured because of differences in quality of care.”

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