2021 Convention Workshop Materials

Receiving CH/CEU Certificate

In order to be awarded your CE's, and to receive your CH/CEU Certificate, you must be present for the entire program, and at the end of each class you must complete two short evaluations. These evaluations will be conducted through Wooclap. We recommend you read the Wooclap instructions before taking your first Convention Class.

Continuing education credit requirements for these classes will be fulfilled at the conclusion of the virtual Convention on October 27. We will mail your CE Certificate as soon as possible after the Convention.

Verification of Attendance

Here is the Verification of Attendance document to provide to your employer (make a copy for yourself) as proof of your presence in the Convention Workshops; only fill in the circle for the workshops you have actually attended.

The Staffing Law: New Rights and Opportunities for Nurses to Improve Patient Care (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Implementing the Staffing Law: How Nurse Leaders Can Use Data and Collective Action to Achieve and Enforce Effective Staffing Plans (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Patient Acuity and Staffing Mix: Getting the Numbers Right (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Protesting your Assignment and Working Conditions: A NYSNA Toolkit (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Advocacy in Collective Bargaining: Using Nurse Action Teams for Better Patient Outcomes (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Health Justice for All: Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement for Today’s Nurses Advocating for Single Payer in New York (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Strategies for Addressing Workplace Violence Hazards Related to Patient Mental Health Needs on Non-Behavioral Health Care Areas (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Addiction: Occupational Hazard for Nurses (1 CH/0.1 CEUs)

COVID-19: New OSHA & NYS Requirements for Heathcare Worker Safety (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Nurses Building Political Power by Engaging with our Elected Officials and Community Allies to Win Staffing and Improve Patient Outcomes (2 CH/0.2 CEUs)

Staffing Bill & Bargaining: Nurses, Use Your Story and Your Voice to Advocate for Patients Beyond the Bedside (2CH/0.2CEUs)

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