Infectious Diseases

Nurses are exposed to numerous infectious diseases in the healthcare setting. HIV, hepatitis, influenza, TB, MRSA, MERS and Ebola are just some of contagious agents from which healthcare workers must be protected. New pathogens emerge on a regular basis.

Proper infection control practices protects both patients and healthcare workers. Just ask Bellevue Hospital NYSNA RNs. Working closely with the NYC Mayor’s office, the CDC, and the state and city Departments of Health, Bellevue Hospital RNs and other caregivers took the lead on preparing for our city’s first Ebola case. Dr. Craig Spencer was rushed there after he started running a fever. Thanks to their preparation and care, Spencer, a humanitarian who contracted the disease while caring for patients in West Africa, is now Ebola-free — and unlike other hospitals, no Bellevue caregivers were infected with the disease.

General Infectious Disease Information




Zika Virus


Bloodborne Pathogens


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

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