Our Campaigns

Our campaigns are powered by frontline nurses. Here are tools for you to get informed and make a difference.

When nurses speak, the public, press, and lawmakers listen. When we speak with one voice, we can make the changes that our patients desperately need.

Nurses are being forced to take on 9, 10, or more patients at once. That's too many. We're fighting for a law to set safe staffing ratios.

Since 2000, 28 hospitals have closed across our state. NYSNA is committed to stopping this by organizing comprehensive and strategic campaigns to fight hospital closings.

NYSNA's mission is to care for all New Yorkers. That's why we endorse a single-payer Medicare for All system that ensures access to high-quality care for everyone

New York State's public hospitals never turn a patient away. That's the mission of RNs everywhere.

NYSNA members have united and won contracts that set staffing ratios, quality care conditions, and professional pay and benefits.

NYSNA advocates for laws that set safe staffing levels, protect nursing and our patients, and guarantee healthcare for all. The future of New York healthcare is at stake.

Never has it been more important to stand side by side with our union sisters and brothers to fight for fairness and representation.

When Superstorm Sandy tore through New York, taking lives, destroying neighborhoods, leveling homes, damaging hospitals and wrecking vital energy and transit infrastructur

Whenever there’s a disaster, nurses respond with heroism and skill. The skills required in the nursing process are the same ones needed in disaster relief.

NYSNA nurses make our voices heard in Albany to protect our patients and our practice.

Join us in the fight for stronger patient care and good RN standards.