Our Vision

We are 42,000 nurses working together to win safe staffing, keep hospitals open for care, stop the Wall Street attack on our patients, and win healthcare for all.

In 2011, we started a process to transform our union. The old NYSNA was too bureaucratic. Members did not have a voice or power. We voted overwhelmingly to change that, and we are making NYSNA a truly democratic and powerful union.

We’re using our new structure to build a mass movement, powered by nurses like you. Use the form on this page to connect with us and stay up to date.

“There’s unconscionable inequality in healthcare. As nurses, we share a core principle: a non-negotiable commitment to standards of care, respect for nurses, and advocacy for enduring access to quality care in our neighborhoods.”

– Anne Bové, RN, former President, NYSNA NYC H+H Executive Council

“Uniting in NYSNA is the only way we can fight against privatization and short staffing. If we are persisent and united, we can win what is right for our patients.”

- Crystal Rogers, RN, NYC H+H/Queens Hospital Center

NYSNA is made up of thousands of nurses turning our vision of healthcare for all into reality. Connect with us to add your voice to our movement.