Our Vision and Mission Statement

The New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) is the largest nurses’ union and professional association for registered nurses in New York State, representing more than 42,000 members for collective bargaining, advocating for professional nursing standards of practice, and promoting the health and welfare of our members, our profession, and the people of New York. As a powerful union and organization made up of and led by nurses and healthcare professionals, we understand the vital role that we play in providing healthcare to all who need it, protecting the public health, and promoting the well-being of nurses in our workplaces, in our communities and in the political sphere. As a powerful and growing organization, NYSNA is defined by our commitment to:

  1. Advocating for and protecting the interests of all nurses and our profession as a whole.
  2. Leading the fight for healthcare equity, social, racial and economic justice, and the well-being of the people of the communities in which we live and work.
  3. Promoting and achieving the highest possible level of professional nursing practice, quality of patient care, and health outcomes for our patients.
  4. Tenaciously fighting to improve wages, retirement security, health benefits, safe staffing, and safe working conditions through collective bargaining and aggressive enforcement of the rights of members in their workplaces.
  5. Leading the fight to address environmental and social determinants of health to ensure the well-being of future generations.
  6. Building up and empowering nurses to assume our leadership role as advocates in the profession, the healthcare system, the political process, and our local communities.
  7. Fostering emotional well-being and workplace wellness to fully support our profession and patients.
  8. Providing mentorship, support and collaboration needed to develop and continue the traditions of nursing practice, advance the nursing profession to meet the needs of our communities, and develop and nurture the next generation of nurse leaders and advocates.