Safe Staffing


Safe, quality care depends on enough nurses and frontline caregivers to do the job. That’s why NYSNA fights for safe staffing on every unit, in every healthcare facility in the state. By uniting and organizing together, NYSNA nurses have won serious improvements to staffing through our contracts and the law. Safe staffing saves lives.

 01-24 Update!

After a successful three-day strike, nurses at Mount Sinai and Montefiore have won and ratified historic contracts that include enforceable nurse-to-patient staffing ratios w

NYSNA nurses won a major victory in the battle for safe staffing when the New York State legislature passed the Hospital Staffing Committees law last summer. In January 2022, the new law went into effect. For the first time, there is a process for setting and enforcing staffing standards at every hospital in New York State.

We did it! After a long, hard-fought struggle, members and healthcare workers succeeded in getting landmark hospital and nursing home staffing legislation passed into state law.

NYSNA Staffing Captains are NYSNA nurses and healthcare professionals who send in daily reports about staffing levels on the units where they work. Sign up to be a staffing captain today!

Nurses know that safe staffing saves lives! That's why we won't stop until we win safe staffing in every unit, in every hospital throughout the state.