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In Memoriam: Fallen NYSNA Nurses

Reopening Responsibly

We know that the Governor, our state and local lawmakers, and most New Yorkers are anxious to lift the COVID-19 emergency measures. But New York was unprepared for the first COVID-19 outbreak, and we can never let that happen again. NYSNA has a plan for moving New York forward and reopening responsibly:

Stay connected & report unsafe conditions

COVID-19 Action Team Trainings

NYSNA members across the state are standing up and fighting back in order to protect the safety of patients and frontline nurses during the COVID-19 crisis.

We are launching a series of special workshops to support members who are stepping up to advocate for their colleagues and collectively address the critical issues facing frontline nurses, including PPE, testing, staffing, safe workplaces, and fair treatment. Sign up for a session today!

Unleash the Defense Production Act

Every day, nurses and healthcare workers are being sent into battle without armor. And while we’ve been forcefully demanding help from New York State, COVID-19 has become a full-scale national emergency.

Our union has launched a major push to demand that President Trump come to New York and see for himself the conditions we are working under -- and take immediate action to protect healthcare workers.

PPE Standards

NYSNA continues to push back against relaxed PPE standards by the CDC, the New York Department of Health, and our employers. NYSNA’s position is that anyone treating COVID-positive patients and PUIs needs adequate PPE, which includes:

  • A fit-tested N95 (or higher level) respirator
  • A liquid-repellent or impermeable gown
  • Gloves
  • Face shield or non-vented goggles

Disposable respiratory protection should be worn for a single patient care session and should not be reused!

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Resources for Nurses

  • 04-16-2020: MED-ED online learning has announced two special offers for NYSNA Members: A free Online Webinar, “Care of the Patient with Mechanical Ventilation” and free access for NYSNA Members to MED-ED Online Courses from Now until June 16, 2020. Click HERE for more information.
  • Nurses House and the American Nurses Foundation are partnering with “Help for Nurses Nationwide Affected by COVID-19”. Through July 31, 2020, Nurses House will be accepting applications from Registered Nurses unable to work due to a COVID-19 infection, who are caring for a family member with COVID-19, or who are under mandatory quarantine. Find out more HERE.
  • NYSNA's Union Assistance Program offers members and our immediate family members unlimited telephone counseling and more than 25,000 online resources. Find out more here.

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