What Is A Union?

NYSNA is an organization of nurses using our collective power to have a real say in our working conditions and patient care. We are New York's largest union and professional association for registered nurses – 42,000 nurses united to win safe staffing, stop hospital closures, defend professional wages and benefits, and fight for a just healthcare system that cares for all New Yorkers.  

With a collective voice, we work together and advocate for better working conditions and negotiate contracts that include important workplace matters, including wages, time off, benefits and workplace health and safety.

It pays to be in a union. Union members, at median salaries, make 18% more than their nonunion counterparts, according to the annual 2023 report on union membership from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is through unified efforts that we’ve won improvements to safe staffing levels both through negotiated contracts and passage of state laws, fought back closures to vital community hospitals, and secured through law the prohibition of mandatory overtime with some limited exceptions.

These NYP Hudson Valley nurses formed a union with NYSNA. Sign up today to join them and thousands of other nurses across the state!

“Our contract helps us protect nurses and protect our patients. Negotiations are about to start again, and I know that working together we can continue to protect what matters to us.”

- Allyson Selby, RN, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist

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