Back pay victory and new strike notice at NLH

Marion Enright, RN and LBU President (center), and coworkers on their way to deliver a 10-day notice to Nathan Littauer Hospital’s management.

In a huge victory for the 130 NYSNA members at Nathan Littauer, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the Gloversville hospital had violated federal law when it locked out nurses as they attempted to return to work following a one-day Unfair Labor Practice strike on January 6. The hospital agreed to pay NYSNA members back wages for the week-long lock out.

“We applaud the Labor Board for standing with us and we are continuing to work towards a fair contract at Nathan Littauer,” said Marion Enright, RN and LBU President.

Members cite management’s refusal to reach a contract that addresses staffing shortages and protects affordable healthcare for nurses as the largest obstacle standing in the way of improving Nathan Littauer’s recruitment and retention of experienced nurses and other healthcare workers.

The nurses remain united in their commitment to achieving a fair contract that protects patient care and creates the best possible health outcomes — so much so that on August 16 they delivered a 10-day notice to Nathan Littauer’s management, announcing the intent to hold a 2-day strike beginning Sept. 1.

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