NYSNA New York City 2021 Election Endorsements

The upcoming New York City Council elections represents an opportunity to elect a pro-worker majority to City Council. COVID exposed the extreme inequality in our city. It laid bare the racial injustices and income inequality that harm our communities.  As nurses, we saw the harm up close in our healthcare system. Our public and safety net hospitals bore the brunt of saving New Yorkers from COVID, but they were also the most under-resourced and understaffed.

We must elected leaders who are committed to dismantling racism, to strengthening our public health infrastructure and our social safety net, and to listening to the frontlines.

NYSNA joined with the #LaborStrong2021 coalition, five unions represent 362,000 members and households of essential workers, to make joint endorsements and to commit significant resources to select City Council races. We believe the endorsed candidates below share our vision for a strong pandemic response, a sustainable economic recovery, and a more just New York City.  New York's primary elections are scheduled to take place June 22, 2021.

New York City Candidates

Mayoral: Maya Wiley #1; Eric Adams #2
Comptroller Corey Johnson
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams


Jenny Low (Dist. 1)
Carlina Rivera (Dist. 2)
Erik Bottcher (Dist. 3)
Keith Powers (Dist. 4)
Julie Menin (Dist. 5)
Gale Brewer (Dist. 6)
Shaun Abreu (Dist. 7)
Carmen De La Rosa (Dist. 10)
Mark Levine (Manhattan BP)


Diana Ayala (Dist. 8)
Kevin Riley (Dist. 12)
Marjorie Velazquez (Dist. 13)
Adolfo Abreu (Dist. 14)*
Althea Stevens (Dist. 16)
Rafael Salamanca Jr. (Dist. 17)
Amanda Farias (Dist. 18)
Vanessa Gibson (Bronx BP)


Austin Shafran (Dist. 19)
Sandra Ung (Dist. 20)
Francisco Moya (Dist. 21)
Tiffany Cabán (Dist. 22)
Shekar Krishnan (Dist. 25)
Amit Bagga (Dist. 26)
Adrienne Adams (Dist. 28)
Lynn Schulman (Dist. 29)
Juan Ardila (Dist. 30)
Selvena Brooks-Powers (Dist. 31)
Felicia Singh (Dist. 32)
Donovan Richards (Queens BP)


Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez
Lincoln Restler (Dist.33)
Jen Gutiérrez (Dist. 34)
Crystal Hudson (Dist. 35)*
Henry Butler (Dist. 36)
Sandy Nurse (Dist. 37)
Alexa Aviles (Dist. 38)
Shahana Hanif (Dist. 39)*
Alicka Ampry-Samuel (Dist. 41)
Justin Brannan (Dist. 43)
Farah Louis (Dist. 45)
Mercedes Narcisse, RN (Dist. 46)*
Ari Kagan (Dist. 47)

Staten Island

Selina Grey (Dist. 49)*

*NYSNA endorsement apart from #LaborStrong2021 coalition

Read more about our #LaborStrong2021coalition.