Our ability to strengthen our public health infrastructure, our social safety net, and take action to support frontline workers depends on electing candidates who support nurses, healthcare professionals, and our communities. NYSNA has made endorsements throughout New York State including for the New York City Council, County Legislatures, and other local elections.NYSNA continues to build political power for its membership at every level of government.




  • October 28: Deadline to register to vote in person October 28 – November 5, 2023: EARLY VOTING FOR GENERAL ELECTION
  • November 7:GENERAL ELECTION DAY | Deadline to postmark mail-in ballot 


New York City | Westchester | Long Island |  Albany County | Chautauqua County | Dutchess County | Erie County | Oneida County | Renneslaer County | Sullivan County | Ulster County | State Ballot Proposals

New York City

New York City Council 

Christopher Marte (District 1)
Carlina Rivera (District 2)
Erik Bottcher (District 3)
Keith Powers (District 4)
Julie Menin (District 5)
Gale Brewer (District 6)
Shaun Abreu (District 7)
Diana Ayala (District 8)
Yusuf Salaam (District 9)
Carmen De La Rosa (District 10)
Kevin Riley (District 12)
Majorie Velázquez (District 13)
Pierina Sanchez (District 14)
Oswald Feliz (District 15)
Althea Stevens (District 16)
Rafael Salamanca (District 17)
Amanda Farias (District 18)
Tony Avella (District 19)
Sandra Ung (District 20)
Francisco Moya (District 21)
Tiffany Cabán (District 22)
Linda Lee (District 23)
James Gennaro (District 24)
Shekar Krishnan (District 25)
Julie Won (District 26)
Nantasha Williams (District 27)
Adrienne Adams (District 28)
Lynn Schulman (District 29)
Selvena Brooks-Powers (District 31)
Lincoln Restler (District 33)
Jennifer Gutiérrez (District 34)
Crystal Hudson (District 35)
Chi Ossé (District 36)
Sandy Nurse (District 37)
Alexa Avilés (District 38)
Shahana Hanif (District 39)
Rita Joseph (District 40)
Chris Banks (District 42)
Susan Zhuang (District 43)
Farah Louis (District 45)
Mercedes Narcisse (District 46)
Justin Brannan (District 47)
Kamillah Hanks (District 49)


Westchester County 

County Legislature

Colin Smith (District 1)
Erika Pierce (District 2)
Benjamin Boykin (District 5)
Emiljana Ulaj (District 9)
Judah Holstein (District 10)
Terry Clements (District 11)
David Tubiolo (District 14)
James Nolan (District 15)
Jose Alvarado (District 17)

Town of Cortlandt Supervisor

Dr. Richard Becker

Mount Vernon Mayor

Shawyn Patterson-Howard

New Rochelle Mayor

Yadira Ramos-Herbert

New Rochelle City Council

David Peters (District 3)

White Plains City Council (At Large)

Jenn Puja
Victoria Presser
Jeremiah Frei-Pearson

Yonkers City Council

Shatika Parker (District 1)


Long Island

Suffolk County Executive

Dave Calone

Suffolk County Legislature

Ryan McGarry (District 7)

Brookhaven Town Supervisor

Lillian Clayman

Nassau County Legislature

Siela Bynoe (District 2)
Carrié Solages (District 3)
Alexis Pace (District 4)
Seth Koslow (District 5)
Debra Mulé (District 6)
Weihua Yan (District 10)
Jake Scheiner (District 14)
Arnie Drucker (District 16)
Josh Lafazan (District 18)

North Hempstead Town Supervisor

Jon Kaiman

Albany County

Albany County Legislature

Dustin Reidy (District 32)

Chautauqua County

Town Council of Dunkirk

Natalie Luczkowiak

Dutchess County

Dutchess County Executive

Tommy Zurhellen

Dutchess County Legislature

Brendan Lawler (District 4)
Linda Haas Manely (District 5)
Lisa Kaul (District 6)
Kathleen Dailey (District 13)
Yvette Valdes (District 16)

Poughkeepsie Town Supervisor

Rebecca Edwards

Poughkeepsie Town Board

Daniel Deleon
Barbara Laird

Erie County

Town Supervisor Cheektowaga

Brian Nowak

Oneida County

Utica Mayor

Celeste Friend

Rensselaer County

Troy Mayor

Nina Nichols

Sullivan County

Sullivan County Legislature

Matt McPhillips (District 1)
Mary Allison Farley (District 4)
Catherine Scott (District 5)
Justin Picciotti (District 8)

Ulster County

Ulster County Legislature

Keith Gurgui (District 3)
Greg McCollough (District 24)

Kingston Mayor

Steven Noble

Statewide Ballot Proposals

Regarding statewide proposals on the ballot, the New York State AFL-CIO recommends union members vote "Yes" for Proposals 1 and 2.

Proposal 1 would remove the constitutional debt limitation currently only imposed upon small city school districts, to ensure that they are treated like all other districts in the state.

Proposal 2 would extend, until January 1, 2034, the authority of counties, cities, towns, and villages to exclude from their constitutional debt limits indebtedness contracted for the construction and reconstruction of facilities for the conveyance, treatment and disposal of sewage.