Defending quality care for all New Yorkers

Public sector nurses unite statewide

In September, 200 of NYSNA’s public sector nurses from every part of the state came together for our first-ever conference dedicated specifically to sharing our experiences and strategizing our next steps in fighting the attack on public hospitals.


“There’s unconscionable inequality in healthcare. As public sector nurses, we share a core principle: a non-negotiable commitment to standards of care, respect for nurses, and advocacy for enduring access to quality care in our neighborhoods.”

– Anne Bové, RN, President of the NYSNA HHC Executive Council

“I have witnessed the ravages of HIV and the efforts to stop its transfer from mothers to children. I have seen kids come through, persevere, and make it. Do the titans of Wall Street see this history? Profit motives have no place in public hospitals.”

– Jackie Gilbert, RN, President of the NYSNA Congress of Local Bargaining Unit

“Budgetary hardship in New York State makes no sense. Think of all that has been privatized; hospitals make money, and we go home more tired. We must use our voices, together, and have a common strategy to take care of our patients and ourselves. ”

– Eileen Letzeiser, RN, NYSNA Lower Hudson/NJ Regional Director


“I want to have a voice at work. We’re seeing more people, and sicker people, without a change in the staff ratios. We can stand together and fight at the state level for changes to protect patients and nurses.”

– Cathy Bystrak, RN, Terrace View Long-Term Care, Erie County Medical Center


“I’m most concerned about privatization in public hospitals. I’ve seen quality declining drastically because of it, and we’re being required to do more outside the scope of nursing. This takes us away from the bedside and undermines patient care.”

– Sonia Lawrence, RN, Lincoln Hospital


“Many working class people desperately need public healthcare. Nurses are rallying, speaking out at City Hall and Albany, for safe staffing and improved funding, and against the travesty of privatization. As one of the most trusted professions, our voice makes a difference.”

– Doreen Gatanas, RN, Elmhurst Hospital



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