Day of Workshops - Jumping the Hurdles..., Violence in Healthcare..., Chemical Exposure...: Dec. 2 (NYCO)

Jumping the Hurdles:  Overcoming Obstacles to a Successful SPH Program

Nurses and other direct patient care staff suffer some of the highest musculoskeletal injury rates of any profession nationwide. The predominant cause of these injuries is the manual lifting, transferring and repositioning of patients. Because of these high injury rates, New York State passed a Safe Patient Handling law in 2014. Many NYS healthcare facilities are not in compliance with the law. This workshop will address the NYS SPH law requirements and common barriers to full SPH program compliance. Participants will learn how to identify obstacles to full compliance in their healthcare facilities and advocate for safer working conditions.

Violence in Healthcare:  From Threats to Assault to Active Shooter

Healthcare facilities experience high rates of various types of workplace violence relative to other workplaces. This is true in New York State, where hospitals have also experienced an increasing rate of active shooter incidents in the past several years. While a full-scale active shooter incident may seem far removed from the day-to-day slap, kick, bite or threat, they share a number of root causes. Because of this we can implement preventative measures that reduce the risk of the full range of violence in the workplace, from getting spat upon to potential active shooter incidents. Nurses and other healthcare workers have a unique role to play in advocating for and winning health and safety protections to address all forms of violence in the workplace. In particular, informed, organize advocacy around active shooter prevention can result in a reduction in all forms of violence in the healthcare setting, while also addressing the specific ethical questions that surround healthcare workers dealing with an active shooter incident.

Chemical Exposure:  Living and Working in a Toxic Soup

Multiple clinical studies have concluded that workplace exposure to hazardous chemicals can cause both acute and chronic health effects. All too often a thorough health hazard assessment has not been conducted, and measures taken to protect nurses, patients, visitors and other healthcare workers who come into contact with these products are not always adequate. In addition exposure to hazardous chemicals continues outside the workplace through environmental contamination in the communities in which these same people live. By attending this workshop, nurses and other healthcare workers will have a greater understanding of the categories of hazardous chemicals with which they may come into contact and the best methods to protect themselves, their co-workers, their patients and communities from the hazardous properties of these chemicals.

These workshops are funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Labor, Contract #T19047GG.  Register by: November 25

Download the flier for more information and to register for the workshop. 

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