Mount Vernon Hospital: Keep It Open for Care!

The vital importance of Mount Vernon Hospital to the people of that city is increasingly apparent to everyone. NYSNA nurses at the facility, are among the leadership of a coalition of families, religious organizations, local, state and federal elected politicians who see the threatened closure as a risk to the lives of the people. As we stand together and support each other during this ongoing pandemic, we ask all members to take action to ensure the safety of the nurses, patients and members of the Mount Vernon community.

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Many hospitals held system-wide calls with NYSNA leaders to get accurate information, solve problems, procure equipment and deal with issues related to COVID-19. Mount Vernon Hospital has refused to follow the same standard to keep nurses well informed, and to hear our demands! Some of our concerns are key to addressing issues of infection control and workplace safety.

In addition, even in this crisis, management has not publicly disavowed their plans to close Mt. Vernon Hospital. We deserve better. Our patients deserve better.

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