NY Nurse May 2014

If someone broke into our homes and took our valuables, we would be outraged. Why are we not as upset...

Private sector nurses from more than a dozen hospitals across New York City are continuing to build a coordinated contract campaign to defend nursing practice and protect quality patient care. Contracts are expiring soon, and while nurses in each hospital have their own concerns, we face the same key issues in every facility. Hospital management strategizes together. Now we do too.

We all pay sales tax – on everything from school supplies to SUVs. But missing in this revenue raising routine is a sales tax on financial transactions – trading in stocks, bonds, and derivatives. As both a matter of fairness to all taxpayers and to raise funds critical to support our communities, this void needs to be filled.

“We’re defying expectations,” says Sharon Bedford about the reprieve that will keep Interfaith Medical Center in central Brooklyn open through...

Labor activists share experience and inspiration at the Labor Notes conference

For 35 years, Labor Notes has been helping workers...

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