NY Nurse October 2013

I’m writing this shortly before the NYSNA convention, which will conclude with our newly elected board taking office. We’ve had a remarkable year. Literally thousands of NYSNA members stepped up and got involved in the fight for safe staffing and quality healthcare for all New Yorkers. By Patricia DiLillo, RN, NYSNA President
When you look beyond the homeless, among them 20,000 children in New York City alone, beyond the hardship of elderly women from whom $75 in monthly food stamps – a week’s groceries – was “sequestered” away this year, and look past smoldering forests where firefighters died, their ranks depleted by layoffs from blistering budget cuts, what you see are piles of cash. By Jill Furillo, RN, NYSNA Executive Director
Last January, we opened the morning newspaper and found out that SUNY planned to close LICH, the hospital where I’ve helped save lives for 30 years. I immediately knew the effort that would have to be put forth to fight for LICH’s life. Slumping into a chair, I said “I can’t do this again,” but I knew that it had to be done and I, we, would do it. LICH nurses never walk away from a fight. By Julie Semente, RN, Secretary, LICH Executive Committee

The nationwide trend of hospital consolidation has sparked controversy about the potential long-term effect on healthcare costs. Hospital consolidations are...

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