NY Nurse September 2013

New York healthcare is in crisis.Hospitals are closing units and some are even shutting their doors. Hospital administrators are forcing nurses to take on too many patients at once. In some hospitals, it’s getting to be a common sight to see patients waiting on gurneys for hours and hours – sometimes days and days. By Patricia DiLillo, RN, NYSNA President
No one needs to tell a New York nurse that healthcare is in crisis in our state. You experience it every day. Inadequate staffing. Service cuts. Units closed. Hospitals shut down. New Yorkers in need of care they can’t get. The consequences are shocking – and dangerous. Some nurses have been forced to care for as many as 16 patients at a time. By Jill Furillo, RN, NYSNA Executive Director
Together, we have set an ambitious agenda to keep building a movement for respect for nurses and quality healthcare for all New Yorkers. We made important progress in 2013, but our fight is far from over. Corporate interests and their anti-union allies in politics will keep coming after quality care for patients and the respect for nurses that we insist on.

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