NYSNA speaks up for Safety Net bill

Following are excerpts from an Op-Ed titled “Hospital Safety Net Funds Need to Follow Uninsured and Medicaid Patients” by NYSNA Secretary Anne Bové, RN and President of NYSNA’s H + H Executive Council, and Judy Wessler, a community health advocate and former director of the Commission on the Public’s Health System. It was published in City & State’s December 8 NY Slant. The full version can be found at www.nyslant.com/article/opinion.

“…the onus is on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign the enhanced safety net hospital legislation… to ensure that funds will follow the patients and go where resources are needed most.”

“…hospitals providing the greatest financial assistance to the neediest patients often receive the least amount of funding on a per patient basis.”

“The redefinition of safety net facilities means that hospitals that provide care to more low-income patients will get higher Medicaid reimbursements as earned income and not have to rely on subsidies which can be taken away.”

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