Organizing to make your workplace safer

  • Conduct a workplace assessment by visually inspecting units, reviewing injury and illness logs and workplace violence incident reports, and surveying membership.
  • Identify and adopt specific actions that would improve workplace safety (e.g., demanding an additional security guard in a specific location during specific hours is more likely to be achievable than just generally demanding more security guards overall).
  • Organize members around obtaining the chosen goals. Start with notifying management through a letter or labor-management meeting. Increase the heat if management doesn’t respond adequately. Be creative! Achieving your demands may be hard, but persistence pays off.
  • Attend NYSNA’s Violence in the Healthcare Setting workshop. To view the workshop schedule and register for a class, go to the Health and Safety page at
  • Contact your union representative, or the NYSNA Occupational Health and Safety Representatives at for additional assistance.

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