NYSNA Statement on NYU Abandoning Brooklyn Patients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, Sept. 19, 2014

NYSNA nurses at LICH, alongside 1199SEIU caregivers, doctors, patients and elected leaders, have fought tirelessly for two years to protect care for their patients -- even getting arrested to keep our beloved hospital open for care. Instead of welcoming these incredible nurse heroes, NYU tried to punish them for their activism, advocacy, and devotion to their patients and to the community.  

Now, NYU has walked away from its commitment to Brooklyn patients.

NYSNA's motion concerned commitments NYU made as part of the Fortis proposal. The court properly and appropriately took the motion seriously and sought to give all parties, including NYU, a full opportunity to make their views known. NYU apparently took offense at the prospect of being asked to live up to its word.

NYU's unwillingness to live up to the commitments made in the proposal at this early stage in the process was a terrible omen for the future of care for the community served by LICH. How could LICH patients trust NYU to live up to any of its commitments in the long run if NYU was already failing to keep its word?

In reality, Fortis and NYU had still not finished an overall deal on the takeover of LICH so the real motivation of NYU's decision is not clear, and may not be for some time, regardless statements in the press.

LICH nurses have a proven track record for quality care and commitment in the community. We are ready work with any healthcare provider that will join us in protecting care for Brooklyn patients and preserving the legacy of excellent care at LICH provided by dedicated nurses and caregivers.


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