Nurses at Shore Medical Center in New Jersey announce the ratification of a new contract

Contact: Carl Ginsburg,, 917.405.1060

ATLANTIC COUNTY – The New York State Nurses Association and the Shore Nurses Union today announced a significant contract victory that keeps RNs at the highest levels of patient care standards, wages and benefits in New Jersey. The contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of the nurses.

“We are thrilled for our patients and for ourselves,” said Dottie Rudert, RN. “We negotiated very hard and persisted in our demands. In the end, there were no takeaways and we achieved a strong contract that will keep our most experienced nurses at the hospital.”

Nurses say that the contract will also serve to attract other experienced nurses to the hospital. Experienced nurses provide outstanding care and serve as mentors to young nurses, as well.

The four-year deal provides for wage increases that put Shore RNs at the highest pay levels in the area. Provisions in the contract also provide for the retention of retirement benefits in a climate where many employers are eliminating them.

Nurses point out that the contract serves as an underpinning for the local economy, providing substantial wages and benefits for professional nurses. These jobs are very much needed in an economy that has faced numerous challenges in recent years.

“The contract touches many bases,” said Nancy Burton, RN. “Our pay and benefits let us care for our families and contribute economically to the communities where we live. Most importantly, by keeping experienced nurses at Shore we can provide great care for our patients.”


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