Statement from the New York State Nurses Association re: COVID Vaccination Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 19, 2020

There are several fundamental public health imperatives that should be in place as we embark upon a COVID-19 vaccination program. One is that federal authorities must ‘do no harm’ and use best available science on all vaccine matters. Second, vaccines should be available on a free-to-all basis, regardless of insurance. There is no buying access!

In our role as patient advocates in NYS, we strongly support prioritization of frontline workers, older adults, people with underlying medical conditions and people from disadvantaged racial and ethnic groups.

Federal and state authorities should abide by principles of informed consent and maintain an individual's right to choose vaccination. We firmly oppose mandatory vaccination of healthcare providers.

Finally, as we implement a vaccination program, we must maintain all controls to protect healthcare workers, and in places where protections have fallen short, healthcare authorities must without further delay expand protection of nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers.


We are 42,000 nurses working together to win safe staffing, keep hospitals open for care, stop the Wall Street attack on our patients, and win healthcare for all.