Nurses Respond to Illegal Retaliation by MVHS

Friday, Nov. 17, 2023

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Nurses Respond to Illegal Retaliation by MVHS

MVHS Attempting to Silence Nurses Who Are Advocating on Behalf of Patients

NYSNA Demanded that MVHS Cease and Desist Its Illegal Practices, Also Filing Unfair Labor Practices Charges Against Wynn

Utica, N.Y.—In the weeks before the new downtown Wynn Hospital opened, NYSNA nurses spoke out publicly for a fair, unified agreement with Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS). As two hospitals merged into one, nurses were in negotiations on a new agreement to cover all nurses at the new hospital.

Now, MVHS is retaliating against NYSNA members who participated in the speak-outs before Wynn Hospital opened. The administration compiled a list of nurses who attended the speak-outs and they have illegally threatened these nurses with discipline.

This week, the administration began "coaching sessions" to silence our members advocating on behalf of their patients.

NYSNA is deeply disappointed that the MVHS administration is choosing to respond to our calls for a fair unified agreement that will help deliver quality care to our community with illegal disciplinary actions and attempts to silence nurses. In the face of these intimidation tactics, NYSNA nurses will continue to speak out and advocate for our patients and for enough nurses to safely care for our community.

NYSNA has demanded that MVHS cease and desist this illegal behavior and is also filing unfair labor practice charges against Wynn.

There is still no agreement in place at the new hospital. The talks between NYSNA and the hospital administration are ongoing because MVHS still wants to cut nurse pay and benefits, despite more than 200 open positions.


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