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  • Video: Freedom House Ambulance: The FIRST Responders
    In 1967, Pittsburgh's inner city produced America’s first EMT service. Comprised solely of Black men and women recruited from the city’s Hill District neighborhood, the paramedics of Freedom House Ambulance became trailblazers in providing pre-hospital and CPR care. Freedom House was initially conceived to respond to the needs of Pittsburgh’s African American community who often times, couldn’t rely on police and fire departments during an emergency. Their ground breaking work became the basis for all paramedics training in the country. However, despite its success - racism and power dynamics in Pittsburgh shut down Freedom House in 1975, leaving its legacy almost lost to history.
  • Video: Why the US has so many Filipino nurses
  • Book: Empire of Care by Catherine Ceniza Choy - In western countries, including the United States, foreign-trained nurses constitute a crucial labor supply. Far and away the largest number of these nurses come from the Philippines. Why is it that a developing nation with a comparatively greater need for trained medical professionals sends so many of its nurses to work in wealthier countries? Catherine Ceniza Choy engages this question through an examination of the unique relationship between the professionalization of nursing and the twentieth-century migration of Filipinos to the United States. The first book-length study of the history of Filipino nurses in the United States, Empire of Care brings to the fore the complicated connections among nursing, American colonialism, and the racialization of Filipinos.
  • Video: Bill Fletcher on Racial Justice
  • Booklet: Race to Labor (.pdf)
  • PowerPoint Show: Racism in Healthcare
  • NYSNA Staff Compiled List of Resources (.pdf)
  • Film: Takeover - On July 14, 1970, members of the Young Lords took over Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. Among their demands? Accessible, quality health care for all.
  • Book: Body and Soul, The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination by Alondra Nelson - The legacy of the Black Panther Party’s commitment to community health care, a central aspect of its fight for social justice

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