Re-elect Senator Marisol Alcantara

Marisol Alcantara is running for re-election in the New York State Senate representing District 31. When first elected in 2016, Marisol became the first Dominican woman to serve in the State Senate. As a teenager in New York City, Marisol experienced firsthand the inequalities of a healthcare system that failed to distribute resources fairly to underserved communities. Prior to her election, Marisol was a NYSNA staff labor organizer, distinguishing herself with persistent efforts to expand access to care and for safe staffing. She has taken the core values of NYSNA with her to the Senate, continuing her advocacy for labor unions and on behalf of nurses in her position as Senate Labor Committee chairwoman. Last year, Marisol worked to block right-to-work legislation that would lead to a decrease in pay and benefits for workers. She has been an advocate for paid family leave and the “Fight for 15”—a $15 minimum wage. In the Senate, she also fought for an increase in the age of criminal responsibility—protecting youth from unnecessary punishment—and worked to expand immigrant legal defense services. Her staunch protection of workers and immigrants is an inspiration to us all. This hardworking State Senator and champion of the communities she serves deserves re-election. Let’s get out the vote for Marisol!

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