Retro pay action by NYCH+H RNs gets results

RNs in NYC Health and Hospitals facilities, clinics and mayorals are receiving lump sum checks on Friday, January 29, for retroactive pay due under their contract

This came in the aftermath of the submission of a petition with more than 4,600 RN signatures that called on the New York City Council to investigate NYCH+H pay practices. Notices were received by RNs that retroactive payments due to be paid on December 21, 2015, would be delayed to February 12, 2016.

But the NYSNA nurse action spurred a swift response, pushing up the date of payment.

The petition was delivered on January 22 to Councilmember Corey Johnson and accepted by his chief aide, Louis Cholden-Brown. Anne Bové, RN, President of NYSNA’s NYCH+H/Mayorals Executive Council, and members met outside Johnson’s offices with Mr. Cholden-Brown (photo top right). Johnson heads the Council’s Committee on Health.

Earlier in the day, copies of the petition were handed over at the offices of Dr. Ram Raju, President and CEO of NYCH+H, with many members present (photo above).

“We are very pleased that payments are being made,” said Ms. Bové. “We very much appreciate the attention Councilmember Johnson paid to this matter.”

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