Your Right to Organize

Rights under the federal labor law of union and non-union nurses:

  • Protects your right to organize a union of your own choosing
  • At work you can talk, give out literature, sign cards on non-work time in non-work areas as long as it doesn't disrupt patient care
    • Non-work time means before and after shifts, during breaks (breaks are flexible to your advantage since nurses don't get fixed breaks)
    • Non-work areas mean breakrooms, bathrooms, near the elevator, off the floor, cafeteria, parking lot, etc
  • You may talk about NYSNA at the nurses station while you're on a momentary break, since nurses can only take brief breaks on busy occasions. But you must use good judgment about who is around, and not disrupt another employee who is working
  • The right to participate in a concerted or collective activity
  • If in doubt, contact a NYSNA organizer, or call (929) 888-5120
  • Learn more about how nurses are coming together to improve our facilities and healthcare system.

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