Upstate Public Hospitals FIGHT BACK

WMC fights the “death of patient care”

WMC administrators are outsourcing and subcontracting skilled caregiver positions. They’re killing patient care – and we’re fighting back with newspaper ads and a vigil!

Westchester Medical Center RNs wrote an open letter to their community explaining why providing care at the hospital has become so difficult under the hospital’s new model for patient care and lack of trained support staff after layoffs. The RNs came up with the black ribbon to symbolize the “death of patient care” at the hospital.

Stopping privatization in the North Country

Management at Massena Memorial Hospital thinks privatization is the answer to the hospital’s money woes. But we won’t give up our public hospital without a fight. Here we are at a strategy session to save our hospital. We’re planning hand-written appeals to our town council members and increased visibility at local events this summer.

Lake Placid ER is open for care!

We’ve won a victory in our fight to preserve healthcare access in the Adirondacks.

Thanks to a coalition of nurses, lawmakers, neighbors, and small business owners, Adirondack Health is putting on hold plans to turn Lake Placid’s round-the-clock ER into an urgent care center with restricted hours.

Their plans are on hold for at least sixty days. But we’re going to keep building community pressure to keep our ER open.

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