Westchester RNs: taking it to the streets

WMC RNs are featured in the current community outreach campaign.

Westchester Medical Center (WMC) RNs are speaking up, showing up and popping up all over the county — on billboards, at bus stops, on cable television and local radio stations — to raise awareness in the community about what’s happening inside the hospital.

“Each day, we go to work and do our best for our patients, but our job has become increasingly difficult because of WMC’s excessive outsourcing,” said LBU President Eileen Letzeiser, RN. “We’re working in a broken system that has little accountability, and we are not respected by the hospital’s management.”

“The WMC NYSNA Executive Committee made the decision to go public,” Ms. Letzeiser said, “because the community deserves to know what’s happening inside the hospital. WMC is a resource that belongs to all of us in the community. People need to understand how it’s being managed and what it means for our patients.”


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