Your vote is your voice

Like it or not, politics matters — a lot. Elected officials at every level of government pass budgets and laws that profoundly affect our lives. Healthcare is far from immune. Just think about our efforts to win a statewide safe staffing law, funding for public hospitals, and the fact that thousands of NYSNA members working in those hospitals need to win strong, new contracts.

We cannot let others shape healthcare in America without hearing loudly – and clearly – from us, the people at the bedside delivering care and putting our professional oath into practice.
The power of the ballot

They say that power is the ability to get things done. Well, we’re showing our power this election season.

We made endorsements around the state for candidates who’ve taken a stand for quality, affordable healthcare. In New York City, we helped Bill de Blasio win the primary in September without a runoff — and we’ll help elect him mayor in November. Last year, NYSNA’s work for CeCe Tkaczyk put her over the top in the closest race for State Senate — and she signed on to support our safe staffing bill.

Our right to vote is under attack. That is one reason why it is so important to exercise our right and vote.

As I see it, helping to elect officials who will put healthcare for New Yorkers before profiting from the healthcare industry for Wall Street investors is part of our responsibility as nurses. That’s why I urge each and every one of my fellow NYSNA members to use our power at the polls and vote on November 5.

For a complete list of NYSNA’s endorsements statewide, visit

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