Board Action Reports

2017 Voting Body Action Report

NYSNA’s Voting Body met on Thursday, Oct. 12 at the end of the NYSNA Convention.

The Voting Body voted to approve three amendments to the NYSNA Bylaws:

  1. The first change creates a Delegate Convention by expanding Congress and merging it with the Voting Body. The change also removes staggered elections for statewide offices and aligns them with delegate elections, shortens certain officer and board member terms, and extends term limits for those affected.

    Diane Groneman, the president of the Local Bargaining Unit at Peconic Bay Medical Center, amended this proposal to add the chair or president of each Local Bargaining Unit as an automatic delegate to the convention. This amendment passed.
  2. The second change eliminates the election of officers for Practice Focus Groups, so that the PFGs will have more time for discussion and work.
  3. The third change eliminates Constituent District Nurse Associations from NYSNA bylaws. These organizations may now join with NYSNA as organizational affiliates instead.

The full text of bylaws proposals is available here. A new version of NYSNA’s bylaws incorporating the amendments is being prepared.

Finally, the Voting Body awarded Honorary Recognition, NYSNA’s highest honor, to Anne Bové, for her years of dedicated defense of our public health system. More than a dozen local leaders spontaneously spoke to Anne’s dedication, and her Honorary Recognition was granted by acclamation.

April 2017 Board Action Report
At the April 20, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Reviewed regional issues, including town halls and political actions related to health care legislation, single-payer support activities, and the first annual meeting of the NYC H+H Board of Directors.
  • Received reports on increased membership involvement and organizing efforts: Registration for Lobby Day is high, ratified contracts distributed to members, rounding of facilities, election of new LBU officers and delegates, POA campaigns, high inter-regional attendance, follow-up on contract implementation, successful outcomes for members wrongly impacted by labor relations decisions, and a review of alternate approaches to organizing among members of different generations.
  • Evaluated the current landscape of healthcare and related issues: the recent American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the Blue Ribbon Commission Report from the NYC Mayor’s Office, and various Federal labor issues (NLRB, Office of Labor-Management Standards, possibility of national “right to work” legislation, and impact of the Supreme Court on the future of labor).
  • Voted on 2 PAC Resolutions:
    a) to create a NYSNA Federal Political Action Committee
    b) to oppose the NY Constitutional Convention.
  • The Board’s Nominations and Election Policy was reviewed and approved.
  • Adopted a statewide program to identify, recruit, mentor, and develop new members as future leaders.  
  • Agreed to develop a Structures Committee Action Plan.
  • Planned for NYSNA’s Lobby Day in Albany, focusing on Scope of Practice, the AHCA, Enhanced Safety Net Legislation, safe staffing, and the NY Health Act.  Reviewed logistics and schedule for the day.
  • Received a report on member education and internal organizing, recapping the successful Scope of Practice card campaign, development of NYSNA Member Guide, certification review classes, steward trainings, community work in conjunction with Social Justice Committee, and member engagement training.  
  • Reviewed successful organizing efforts for Single Payer Lobby Day, and upcoming Climate Justice rallies in NYC and DC, as well as ongoing community education efforts for climate justice and single payer. Resolved to develop relationships with banking institutions with comprehensive policies regarding investment in energy sector consistent with fighting climate change.
2016 Voting Body Action Report

Hundreds of members from every region of our union convened the NYSNA Voting Body on Tuesday, Oct. 18, at the end of the NYSNA Biennial Conference.

Voting Body is our union’s highest decision-making body. This year, we re-arranged the agenda to give more time to put forward and debate resolutions – and members submitted two dozen proposals.

We voted to pass resolutions on the following subjects:

  • Our commitment to defend and expand our public sector hospitals.
  • Our work to fight the corporatization of healthcare in Queens and Brooklyn.
  • Supporting a universal single-payer healthcare system in New York State and beyond.
  • Standing in solidarity with Long Island nurses at St. Charles and St. Catherine of Siena who have voted to authorize a strike.
  • Supporting and expanding mental health services in Staten Island.
  • Launching a comprehensive contract strategy process to prepare for the next round of bargaining.
  • A private-sector member strike savings plan.
  • Addressing the opioid epidemic.
  • Organizing to build nurse power in upstate hospitals.
  • Fighting for safe staffing ratios in our contracts.
  • Expanding our work to train member-leaders.
  • Two resolutions on making the fight for retiree health benefits a priority for our union and our union benefit fund trustees.
  • Fighting the erosion of RN leadership roles from our union in our H+H bargaining units.
  • Mobilizing for a rally for a fair contract at Westchester Medical Center.

The Board of Directors will be reviewing all the resolutions that we did not have time to discuss at our next board meeting.

2015 Convention Action Report

Caring for All New Yorkers – that was the theme of NYSNA’s 2015 Convention. And we turned that mission into action. We rallied with the community against the “bomb trains” filled with unstable fracking oil running through Saratoga Springs. Hundreds of leaders attended educational strategy sessions on POA campaigns, hospital restructuring, and organizing. We met with lawmakers to chart out our path to victory for safe staffing and healthcare for all. And on our way we home, we stopped our buses at the offices of Interim Health to rally against their outrageous racist “no Haitians” want ad.

You can see photos of our convention here and here, press coverage from our rally to raise awareness about the fracking trains here, and coverage of our rally in solidarity with Haitian RNs here.

Here are the official actions we took at the convention to chart our course over the next year:

  • NYSNA’s Council on Nursing Practice passed a resolution on “Reclaiming our practice” recommending that the Board of Directors takes steps against management attempts to introduce lean production methods from factories into our units. The resolution calls on us to organize our new Professional Practice Committees to insist on a voice in hospital decisions, and share strategies from across bargaining units to resist management’s attacks on our practice.
  • NYSNA’s Congress of Local Bargaining Unit Leaders discussed our successes in the past year and recommended to the Board of Directors resolutions on “Building a Movement of Nurses” and “Defending the Public Sector.” The resolutions set a goal of recruiting a leader on every unit and every shift of our facilities, to continue our efforts to resist privatization, to launch new advanced classes for NYSNA Stewards, and to reach out to nursing students.
  • NYSNA’s President Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN reported to the Voting Body on resolutions we passed last year, including our expanding steward training program, our work among student nurses, and our successful efforts to build an alliance of unions opposing climate change.
  • The Voting Body approved Honorary Recognition, NYSNA’s highest honor, for past president Patricia DiLillo, RN for her work to transform NYSNA into a democratic organization.
  • The Voting Body approved posthumous Honorary Recognition for Joan Cumberbatch, RN, Nadia Jakoubek, RN, and Bernadette Bellantoni, RN, for their years of work to build NYSNA.
February 2015 Board Action Report

At the February 3, 2015 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Approved a motion to continue our support for the Labor Campaign for Single Payer.
  • Discussed NYSNA’s recommendations for the New York State budget. Our recommendations were sent to the governor, lawmakers, and other statekholders.
  • Thoroughly discussed the importance of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program and our response to proposals to eliminate patient care services.
  • Reviewed and discussed our successful implementation of our Strategic Plan in 2014 in detail, and approved our 2015 Strategic Plan.
  • Approved the budget for fiscal year 2016.
  • Discussed our work to win strong contracts that protect nursing and patient care.
  • Took a group picture to post on Facebook in support of a former NYSNA nurse who is waiting a lung transplant.
November 2014 Board Action Report

At the November 18, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Unanimously passed a motion commending the heroic work of Bellevue Hospital nurses who prepared and cared for New York’s first Ebola patient, humanitarian Dr. Craig Spencer.
  • Discussed our response to Ebola outbreak, including working with facilities to institute proper preparedness protocols, our successful preparedness work with state and local health officials in New York, and our work with with the AFL-CIO and National Nurses United to win stronger protection from the federal government.
  • Heard a report from the Finance Committee and established a committee to pursue socially responsible investment options.
  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the 2014 Strategic Plan. We surpassed the goals we set forward in our plan last year. We discussed our ongoing work to pass safe staffing, defend our public healthcare system, win strong contracts, challenge the corporate healthcare agenda, and build our union. (The evaluation is available from download on the Members Only section of the NYSNA website.)
2014 Biennial Conference Report

Our mission is to care for all. That's sums up NYSNA's new direction. And it's the subject of one of the motions we passed unanimously at our union's annual membership meeting, the Voting Body.

NYSNA members held our annual meeting on the second day of our convention. More than 600 members set the course for our union — voting overwhelmingly for motions to expand our campaigns to resist outsourcing, win strong contracts, and guarantee healthcare for all.

We also passed resolutions to make our work possible, including a resolution to hold a Steward's Conference in 2015.

NYSNA President Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN, ran the meeting and delivered a powerful address laying out how corporatization is putting patient care at risk. We also heard from Executive Director Jill Furillo, RN, Council on Nursing Practice chair Colleen Murphy, RN, Congress President Jacqueline Gilbert, RN, NYSNA Treasurer Pat Kane, RN, and NYSNA Secretary Anne Bové, RN. Bové introduced a series of resolutions passed by the HHC and Mayorals Executive Council – and received many congratulations from the floor on her work to win a strong HHC contract.

We passed the following resolutions, almost all by nearly unanimous votes:

  • A resolution recommended from the Council on Nursing Practice, to defend and advance our practice. The resolution calls on NYSNA delegate, leaders, and representatives to organize campaigns at the unit and facility level against the erosion of our practice. NYSNA's Council on Nursing Practice, Practice Focus Groups, and Nursing Education and Practice Department will serve as a clearinghouse for information and strategies to organize collectively to defend our practice.
  • A resolution to oppose privatization at Westchester Medical Center. NYSNA will continue and expand our coordinated campaign to stop outsourcing practices that are hurting patient care at WMC.
  • A resolution endorsing NYSNA's private sector bargaining platform.
  • A resolution to work with lawmakers to amend state workplace anti-violence legislation to include a comprehensive set of measures to prevent violence against nurses and healthcare workers.
  • A resolution about the mission of NYSNA and public sector hospitals, endorsing the model of child and elder care funds in the new HHC contract, a call for a coordinated campaign to roll back outsourcing in all healthcare institutions, and a call to implement an unprecedented coordinated campaign to make equal access to care and healthcare for all a reality in New York and the U.S.
  • A resolution on student nurses, highlighting successful programs to educate new nurses, and calling on us to expand our work to mobilize student nurses to fight for safe staffing, climate justice, and healthcare for all.
  • A resolution to deepen our work around climate justice, including continuing our educational workshops and working to expand the coalition of unions in this campaign.
  • A resolution on training new leaders, including a one-day steward's conference in 2015.

Click here to download a copy of the resolutions we passed.

The Voting Body was just one part of our very successful Biennial meeting – one of the largest in our union's history. More than a thousand members attended two days of educational workshops and meetings. We were joined by many allies, including NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, State Senators Bill Perkins and Ruth Hassell-Thompson. And just before our meeting, busloads of nurses rallied in front of the Greater New York Hospital Association -- calling them out for blocking Safe Staffing.

We are transforming NYSNA into a powerful voice to make healthcare for all and safe staffing a reality. Join our movement.

June 2014 Board Action Report

At the June 3, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Heard reports from each board member on our work to win strong contracts, pass safe staffing legislation, and protect nursing practice. We discussed the corporatization of New York patient care, and our work to protect patient care.
  • Discussed a report from our Finance Committee and appointed Martha Wilcox as a member of the Finance Committee.
  • Discussed our new Retiree Action Network, which is getting retirees involved in our work in the legislature and communities.
  • Approved two appointments to the Council of Nursing Practice, and appointed Carol Anne Lemon to represent the PAC and Mike Healy to represent the NYSNA Board of Directors to the NYSNA Council on Legislation.
  • Set the date and location for the NYSNA 2015 Convention: October 18-21, 2015 in Saratoga Springs.
April 2014 Board Action Report

At the April 1, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Discussed our March 26 Lobby Day and our plans to win Safe Staffing. On March 26 more than a thousand nurses held over 200 lobby visits to support Safe Staffing and the Community First Choice Program.
  • Reviewed the success of our ongoing Steward Training program, which has trained 312 new workplace leaders across the state. Many Board members have taught classes in the training program.
  • Reviewed the floor plans for the renovation of our new member space on the second floor of our New York City office. The entire second floor will be devoted to member meetings and education.
  • Discussed the effect of climate change on healthcare and working people. Sean Sweeney from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy spoke on what unions are doing to stop climate change.
  • Made plans to increase the participation of retired nurses in our campaigns for Safe Staffing and Healthcare for All.
  • Passed a motion to extend the deadline for the Secor Scholarship application to June 1, 2014 and to notify the membership by email and in the NY Nurse. This scholarship was established from a generous bequest of a NYSNA member, Jane Secor, Ph.D., RN. Dr. Secor stipulated that the endowment be used for furthering nursing education.

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