Board Action Reports

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February 2024 Board Action Report
  • The Board of Directors discussed and updated the Lost Time Policy for Board Members to include NNU business, events, and activities.
  • Executive Director Pat Kane updated the Board of Directors on the Code of Conduct that was adopted at the Pre-Convention meeting in October 2023.
  • A motion was made to approve and accept the Code of Conduct to be read at all NYSNA activities and as part of the registration process.
  • The Board of Directors approved and adopted a resolution on annual dues within the 2025 Budget.
  • The Board of Directors approved the 2025 budget as presented by the Finance Committee including the allocation of one million dollars to provide an additional benefit to active members represented for collective bargaining.
  • The Board of Directors approved the transfer of three million dollars from the NYSNA operating account into the Protected Action Hardship Relief Fund.
  • The Board of Directors approved the proposed auditor’s three-year agreement.
  • The Board of Directors approved candidate endorsements for Federal and State offices as recommended by the PAC members.
  • The Board of Directors ratified their decision to offer the Nursing Student Affiliate Membership at no cost.
October 2023 Pre-Convention Board Action Report
  • The Board approved the NYSNA Code of Conduct.
  • The Board approved reserving a block of rooms for the 2024 Labor Notes Conference.
September 2023 Board Action Report
  • Mr. John Batson was approved to hold the BOD position of Western Regional Director.
  • The Board approved the Nomination and Election Policy.
  • The Board accepted the timeline of BOD Election Key Dates.
  • The Board accepted the proposed Election Committee.
  • The Board accepted the Finance Committee proposal audited Financials as presented.
  • The Board approved the NYSNA Board Resolutions, subject to appropriate edits.
August 2023 Board Action Report
  • The board approved the Proposed Standing Rules of Business for the 2023 convention.
  • The board reviewed the programs and schedule for the convention.
  • The board reviewed and discussed enforcement of recently adopted DOH regulations for patients requiring critical care, DOH clarification that staffing plans must be established for all hospital units, and amendments to the mandatory overtime law.
  • The Board discussed strategy and implementation of major campaigns- safe staffing, collective bargaining, legislative advocacy, preserving nursing practice, single payer and new organizing.
June 2023 Board Action Report
  • President Hagans introduced Christopher Honor was as the new Southeastern Regional Director.
  • NYC CLC: President Nancy Hagans was elected to the Executive Board of the NYC Central Labor Council AFL CIO and was selected as the 2023 Grand Marshal of the NYC Labor Day Parade to be held Saturday September 9, 2023.
  • NYSNA's mission and Vision Statement has been presented to NYSNA staff, is posted on-line, and was published in the NY Nurse.
  • Eastern Regional Director Board Member Bill Schneider reported on the educational presentation at the NNU Executive Council meeting on Artificial Intelligence on how it negatively impacts the nursing profession through de-skilling and adds to racial and social disparities in healthcare.
  • Finance Committee Report: The Board received the end of year report, which showed positive income, while expenses and departments were under and within budget. The Board approved an increase in audit fees associated with implementing changes in reporting lease agreements. The Board approved transferring funds from the savings account into a higher yield money market account.
  • The Board received an update on convention planning and reviewed “Guidelines for Drafting Resolutions" to be distributed to the membership to aid and encourage participation.
  • The Board discussed updates on PCO and Field campaigns including NYS budget, legislation, NYSNA and NNU Lobby Days, staffing law implementation and contractual staffing enforcement, and the NYC H+H/Mayoral contract campaign.
April 2023 Board Action Report
  • Deputy Director Nancy Kaleda gave an update on the bargaining and wage increase. The revised budgetvwill reflect changes made with the economic package. A motion was made to approve the revised budget.
  • Office Operations and MCP Director Bevin Tracy reviewed the 2023 Proposed Convention registration rates, Hotel Guidelines and the Expense and Reimbursement Guidelines. A motion was made to accept the Hotel Guidelines, the 2023 Convention registration rates and expenses, and reimbursement guidelines as amended.
  • Political Director Michelle Crentsil introduced the PAC endorsements as recommended by the Committee. A motion was made to accept the recommendation by the PAC committee to endorse all the City Candidates.
  • Director at Large Michelle Jones updated the Board on the changes made to the Protection Action Relief Fund application process to include a deadline date and the recommendation to increase the amount. A motion was made to approve the recommendation by the Protection Action Relief Fund Committee.
  • Christopher Honor (of Peconic Bay Medical Center) was appointed to the Board of Directors
  • Convention theme and logo were accepted.
February 2023 Board Action Report
  • The Board of Directors approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation of a three-year extension of the Executive Director’s contract on the terms recommended by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director accepted.
  • Executive Director Pat Kane presented the vision and mission statement proposed by the Strategic Planning Committee and President Hagans read it aloud for the board. A motion was made to approve the Vision and Mission statement.
  • Director of Finance John Barrett pointed out the minor modification of the mileage reimbursement at .655 per mile. He then went over the 2023 budget according to the Finance Committee recommendations. A motion was made to accept the Financial Report and Budget as planned.
December 2022 Board Action Report
  • President Nancy Hagans updated the board on the NNU Executive Council Meeting. A recommendation was made to approve and accept the following board members to the NNU Legislative and Federal PCO.

  1. NNU Legislative: Steven Bailey and Margaret Franks
  2. PCO: Flandersia Jones and Tracey Kavanaugh
November 2022 Board Action Report
  • President Nancy Hagans updated the Board of Directors on the NNU Affiliation. NYSNA has been allotted five (5) Vice-President positions on the NNU Executive Committee. The following board members were appointed to fill the Vice-President positions on the NNU Executive Committee:

  1. Nancy Hagans
  2. Judith Cutchin
  3. Bill Schneider
  4. Michelle Jones
  5. Benny Mathew

A motion was made to approve and accept President Nancy Hagans recommendation to the NNU Executive Committee.

  • The Board of Directors reviewed co-branding logos since NYSNA is now an affiliate of NNU. After discussion, the Board Members agreed on one of the sample logos that will be used on merchandise and NYSNA letterhead.
  • Request for Proposals to redesign the NYSNA website were received by the IT Department. After recommendation, the Board Members agreed on RAD Campaign to redesign the NYSNA website based on experience and technical skills.
September 2022 Board Action Report
  • The Board of Directors reviewed resolutions to be presented at Convention 2022. Motions were made to approve and accept the following resolutions with necessary corrections:
        1. NNU Affiliation
        2. Safe Staffing
        3. Workplace Health, Safety and Emergency Preparedness
        4. Social and Healthcare Equity
        5. NYSNA Political and Legislation Platform
        6. Bargaining Campaigns
  • The NYSNA Mission and Vision Statement was discussed with the Board of Directors and a committee was established to work on the statement for the organization.
  • President Nancy Hagans updated the Board of Directors on the NYSNA Strategic Plan. A Strategic Planning Committee was established to update and work on the Strategic Plan prior to December 31, 2022.
  • Legal Counsel reviewed the Rules for In-Person Convention with the Board of Directors. A motion was made to approve and accept the Proposed Standing Rules for Conduct of Business at the 2022 NYSNA Convention.
  • The Board of Directors established a Logistics Committee for 2022 NYSNA Convention. A motion was made to approve and accept the Logistics Committee that will manage on-site logistics at convention.
  • The Board of Directors were updated on the Finance Committee Report and Presentation of the NYSNA Audit. A motion was made to approve and accept the Committee Report and Presentation of the NYSNA Audit.
August 2022 Board Action Report
  • The Board of Directors discussed the vacant seat on the NYSNA Finance Committee. A motion was made to approve and accept the recommendation of Jamal Westmoreland, RN from H+H Woodhull Hospital to fill the Finance Committee non-board seat vacancy.
  • Executive Director Pat Kane presented the report on convention workshop programming from the Labor Education Department. The board members indicated that the NNU moral injury workshop be added to the offerings. A motion was made to approve and accept the program presented at the upcoming convention.
  • Executive Director Pat Kane updated the Board of Directors on the affiliation agreement with NNU. The agreement was reviewed along with the due diligence process which was followed NYSNA’s General Counsel. A motion was made to approve and accept the NNU
    Affiliation Agreement as presented to the Board and recommend its approval to the Convention delegates.
  • A motion was made to approve and accept an education campaign to ensure that all delegates are educated on why they should vote to approve the Affiliation Agreement at Convention.
  • Board members were updated on the ongoing bargaining campaigns at NYSNA Private and Public Sector facilities. A motion was made to approve and accept bargaining campaigns for NYSNA Private and Public Sector facilities.
  • NYSNA’s Communications Department is currently working on paid media campaign that will go live with more than 450 outdoor ads across New York from September 5th to October 30th - “We love NY Nurses.” A motion was made to approve and accept paid media campaign for the NYSNA Private and Public Sector facilities.
  • Board of Directors agreed on dates for future meetings, subject to confirmation with the Treasure on the Finance Committee dates. A motion was made to approve and accept the future BOD calendar from November 2022 – August 2023.
  • NYSNA will participate in the upcoming 2022 West Indian Day Parade and NYC Labor Day Parade. A motion was made to approve and accept procuring floats for the West Indian Day Parade and NYC Labor Day Parade.
June 2022 Board Action Report
  • Board of Directors motioned and held roll call unanimously approving Margaret Franks to fill to seat vacancy for the Lower Hudson/ NJ region 6 seat.
  • Board of Directors motioned and held roll call unanimously approving Executive Committee’s recommendation that NYSNA engage in preliminary discussions with NNU concerning an affiliation that could be brought to the Convention Delegates for approval.
  • Board of Directors motioned to recommend the Bylaw changes to the Convention Delegates addressing adding additional categories of members that qualify for reduced dues rates.
  • Board of Directors motioned to recommend re-establishing a calendar of community events for the organization by creating a team to investigate; adding events to a community calendar with at least a 4- week lead and extending long term.
  • Board of Directors motioned to recommend accepting an invitation for NYSNA to present at and send 3 delegates to the Cuba Nursing Conference taking place November 7-9, 2022.
  • Board of Directors motioned to recommend NYSNA Executive Director to follow up with completing the process with Amalgamated Bank to refinance the mortgage for the New York City office.
April 2022 Board Action Report
  • Requested the Executive Committee review candidates for BOD seat vacancy (region 6)
  • Requested the Bylaws Committee to review per diem rates for discussion at upcoming October Convention
  • Approved letter for Russian Divestment from future funding relating to NYSNA investments
  • Requested the Executive Committee explore possible affiliation with NNU
  • Requested Finance Committee to review the Hardship Fund
  • Board of Directors reviewed and accepted (4) slate PAC recommendations:

    Slate #1:

    US House of Representatives (Congress)

    Congress D5 Greg Meeks
    Congress D14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    NYS Senate

    Senate D5 Jim Gaughran
    Senate D6 Kevin Thomas
    Senate D7 Anna Kaplan
    Senate D8 John Brooks
    Senate D13 Jessica Ramos
    Senate D18 Julia Salazar
    Senate D19 Roxanne Persaud
    Senate D20 Zellnor Myrie
    Senate D38 Elijah Reichlin-Melnick
    Senate D40 Peter Harkham
    Senate D63 Tim Kennedy

    NYS Assembly

    Assembly D22 Michaelle Solages
    Assembly D34 Jessica González-Rojas
    Assembly D44 Robert Carroll
    Assembly D67 Linda Rosenthal
    Assembly D74 Harvey Epstein
    Assembly D80 Nathalia Fernandez
    Assembly D87 Karines Reyes
    Assembly D91 Steve Otis
    Assembly D93 Chris Burdick
    Assembly D104 Jonathan Jacobson
    Assembly D109 Pat Fahy
    Assembly D110 Phillip Steck
    Assembly D143 Monica Wallace

    Slate #2:

    NYS Assembly

    Assembly D59 Jaime Williams
    Assembly 69 Daniel J. O'Donnell
    Assembly D135 Jennifer Lunsford
    Assembly D140 William Conrad III

    NYS Senate

    Senate D6 Kevin Thomas
    Senate D12 Michael Gianaris
    Senate D25 Jabari Brisport
    Senate S37 Shelley Mayer

    Slate #3:

    US House of Representatives (Congress)

    Congress D12 Carolyn Maloney
    Congress D16 Jamaal Bowman

    NYS Assembly

    Assembly D24 David Weprin
    Assembly D35 Jeffrion L. Aubry
    Assembly D46 Mathylde Frontus
    Assembly D54 Erik Martin Dilan
    Assembly D57 Phara Souffrant Forrest
    Assembly D61 Charles Fall
    Assembly D66 Deborah Glick
    Assembly 68 Eddie Gibbs
    Assembly D70 Inez Dickens
    Assembly D71 Al Taylor
    Assembly D81 Jeffrey Dinowitz
    Assembly D92 Thomas J. Abinanti
    Assembly D103 Kevin Cahill
    Assembly D111 Angelo Santabarbara

    NYS Senate

    Senate D30 Cordell Cleare
    Senate D31 Robert Jackson

    Slate #4

    NYS Assembly

    Assembly - D63 Vincent Argenziano

    NYS Senate - D23 (Open Seat) Jessica Scarcella-Spanton

    Congress - D11 Max Rose

    NYS Senate - D43 Michelle Ostrelich

  • BOD motioned for the Executive Director direct staff, as well as elected Executive Officers and Delegates, to encourage members to attend programs by NYSNA’s Healthcare for All Committee
February 2022 Board Action Report
  • Appointed 4 Board of Directors to the Single Payer Committee to advance legislation on the staffing bill. Board appointees to the Single Payer Committee: Bill Schneider, Seth Dressekie, Michelle Jones, Marie Boyle.

  • Appointed 5 Board of Directors to the MELD Committee to assist with guiding the Labor Education programs - input, review and develop programs for nurses to become union leaders. Board appointees to the MELD Committee: Matt Allen, Judith Cutchin, Aretha Morgan, Sonia Lawrence, Michelle Jones.

  • Appointed 5 Board of Directors to the Convention Planning Committee to assist with convention planning - logistics, resolutions, CE and educational offerings. Board appointees to the Convention Planning Committee: Marie Boyle, Seth Dressekie, Reginalt Atangan, Judith Cutchin, Flandersia Jones.

  • Moved to adopt PAC recommendation to endorse Letitia James as Attorney General of New York State.

  • Discussed and approved staff to send out NYSNA’s Statement on Booster Mandate before deadline of February 21, 2022.

  • Discussed resolutions that were not heard at NYSNA Convention 2021 in October.

  • Appointed 2 board members to the Practice Focus Group for Advanced Practice Nurses and Midwives. Board appointees to the Practice Focus Group: Michelle Jones and Seth Dressekie.

November 2021 Board Action Report
  • Began process to prepare NYSNA’s Strategic Plan, with the overarching goal of creating a plan that will guide NYSNA staff and members on where/what/who to focus on. The Strategic Plan will provide this framework by outlining concrete campaigns, key actions, and other important information related to union issues.

  • Reviewed the upcoming timeline for NY Statewide Staffing Law implementation. By January 1, 2022, Joint Staffing Committees will need to be established, and staffing regulations will be set and promulgated by the DOH Commissioner. After 1 year, the plan that the joint committee, which includes union and management parties, creates will be enforceable by law. NYSNA is preparing for Staffing Law implementation by meeting and working with other affected unions, creating wall-to-wall alliances.

  • Appointed 6 Board of Directors to the NYSNA Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is comprised of trustees who must make decisions regarding the PAC funds, which are collected only from NYSNA members who voluntarily elect to contribute. The appointees are: Judith Cutchin, Jayne Cammisa, Flandersia Jones, Bill Schneider, Ari Moma, and Nancy Hagans.

  • Discussed resolutions that were not able to be heard at NYSNA Convention 2021 in October.

  • Moved to establish a statewide taskforce for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice RNs.

  • Moved to create a Practice Focus Group for Advanced Practice nurses and midwives, so that they can work together to address common issues and advance their common goals.

September 2021 Board Action Report
  • Accepted appointments of Board Members to three Committees: 1) Credentialing Committee 2) Arbitration and Appeals Panel 3) Finance Committee. The Credentialing Committee has a particularly important role at NYSNA Convention; they will determine that convention delegate participants are in good standing and that a quorum is met. The Chair of this committee will announce this at the Business Meeting on October 27th.

  • Began recruiting NYSNA members as candidates to serve on the Finance Committee, which has 1-2 open positions.

  • Adopted Convention Rules for the Business Meeting on October 27th. Members will be able to attend Convention virtually or in-person; those attending in-person will take part in a Convention Watch Party at the Sheraton Times Square. All Convention workshops preceding Convention itself are completely virtual.

  • Accepted the 2021 Legislative Platform for the Delegate Body.

  • Discussed hosting future Convention sites in different regions of New York state.

  • Discussed topics of importance that the Board will address in their Resolutions proposals at Convention.

  • Confirmed the 2021 and 2022 calendar of Board and Finance Committee Meetings.

  • Reiterated and discussed the importance of organizing around NYS Staffing Legislation and its implementation. By January 1, 2022, NY State facilities must abide by predetermined staffing ratios, and so, NYSNA members and staff continue to work tirelessly to identify what the most safe and fair ratios are at every member’s facility.

August 2021 Board Action Report
  • Adopted a policy to protect the organization in legal matters and other confidential matters. This confidentiality policy requires all Board members to abide by this when a matter is designated by the Meeting Chair as confidential.
  • Welcomed new Interim Director of Communications, Jennifer Farmer.
  • Received recommendations from the Bylaws Committee, regarding 3 bylaw amendment proposals that will be discussed at Convention. The Board voted in favor of the Committee’s recommendations, and the proposals will be heard and decided upon at the Convention business meeting on October 27, 2021.
  • Adopted Board Expense Policy, which is a guideline on appropriate expenditures that Board members can be reimbursed for and how to do so. Only necessary, actual, and reasonable expenses incurred, while attending NYSNA meetings or functions, will be reimbursed.
  • Adopted Board Lost Time Policy; this policy outlines the process in which Board Members can be reimbursed for any time they have lost at their location(s) of work, during all official NYSNA business. This policy is intended to prevent a financial hardship for elected Board members who are engaging in official NYSNA business.
  • Created the Per Diem Dues Taskforce/Committee; this body will serve to investigate the current dues rates for NYSNA members that work per diem, which comprise a notable contingent of NYSNA nurses.
  • Discussed NYSNA’s plan to demand impact bargaining with every facility in NY State, regarding the Department of Health’s Vaccination Mandate for all healthcare workers in a NY general hospital or nursing home. NYSNA is trying to address concerns and issues surrounding the mandate, and mandatory bargaining is one strategy the union will use to represent their members.
July 2021 Board Action Report
  • Discussed the Board’s role regarding NYSNA Convention Committees (Bylaws Committee, Resolutions Committee, and Credentials Committee).
  • Updates were given regarding the Bylaws Committee, which is currently, proactively reviewing NYSNA bylaws to look for potential changes.
  • Approved a motion to allow the current Bylaws Committee members to serve until their term ends in 2022.
  • Received recommendations regarding NYSNA Convention 2021 format, registration costs, vaccination/mask requirements, and reimbursements.
  • Approved all recommendations to host a hybrid Convention, with the intention to amend one part of the Delegate Reimbursement Policy.
  • Approved vaccine/mask protocols for in-person attendees at Convention 2021.
  • Any unvaccinated members can attend in-person with proof of a negative COVID test: negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to Convention or negative rapid test within 6 hours prior to Convention.*
  • Received a Convention Programming Proposal for NYSNA Convention 2021.
  • Approved the Programming Proposal, confirming the schedule for 11 unique workshops comprised of 26 individual sessions. Virtual workshops will be held three weeks prior to October 27th, which is the day of Convention. All workshops are credentialed, with 20 unique CEs available to attendees.

*Convention will be held in accordance with New York City guidelines, which currently require all attendees to be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. [Added 8/23/21]

January 2020 Board Action Report
  • Received updates about contract campaigns at Albany Medical Center, Shore Medical Center, Ellis Hospital and Bellevue Woman’s Center. Discussed the campaign against the closure of Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital.
  • Received report from new Executive Director Pat Kane regarding her transition into leadership, and her upcoming plans for the union’s direction.
  • Approved a motion to acknowledge the support and guidance that the departing director of political and community organizing, Tara Martin, provided during her tenure at the union.
  • Received a policy report regarding the impending Medicaid cuts and redesign, as well as NYSNA’s plans to fight back through lobby days and organizing.
  • Reviewed upcoming events for 2020, and passed motions to increase the number of sponsored attendees at the upcoming Labor Notes conference, as well as a motion to ensure these attendees proportionally represent NYSNA regions. Member leader training participants will have the first opportunity to attend, followed by all members.
  • Received NYSNA PAC report which included a list of all the new NYSNA PAC Members and newly elected Executive Committee. They are as follows:
    • Marva Wade, Chair (Mount Sinai - Retired)
    • Chiqkena Collins, Vice Chair (Erie County Medical Center)
    • Jayne Cammisa, Treasurer (Westchester Medical Center)
    • Mary Simon, Secretary (Jacobi Medical Center)
    • Judith Cutchin (Woodhull Hospital)
    • Verginia Stewart (Metropolitan Hospital)
    • Karine Raymond (Montefiore Medical Center)
    • Tracy Kosciuk (St. Charles Hospital)
    • Jennifer Brinkworth (Erie County Medical Center)
    • Flandersia Jones (BronxCare Health System)
    • David Curry (Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital)
  • Approved the NYSNA Political and Policy platform 2019-2020 Guiding Principles.
  • Collaborated with leadership staff to discuss NYSNA’s strategic plan as it relates to defending the public healthcare safety net, internal organizing and contract enforcement, and advancing the union’s social justice work.
November 2019 Board Action Report
  • Pat Kane was introduced as Deputy Executive Director effective November 1, 2019. Ms. Kane was appointed by the Board in June as per NYSNA By-Laws (Article IV, Section 3).
  • Nancy Hagans was introduced as Treasurer of NYSNA’s Board of Directors. Ms. Hagans was appointed previously by the Board as per NYSNA By-Laws (Article IV, Section 3) via email vote, which took place between October 14, 2019 and October 18, 2019.
  • Motion adopted and amended to have a list of committees that NYSNA members may participate in, be listed on the NYSNA’s website and in NY Nurse, along with an appropriate description and function of the committee. Contact information will be available for those who wish to express an interest in participating in that committee.
  • Motion adopted to have at least one Board meeting held in Albany/Upstate Region. Up to 10 members will be able to attend and observe the meeting. If interest exceeds this number, the Board will evaluate if/what accommodations can be made. Members must email the Board Secretary to attend.
  • Updates were given on contract negotiations at New York Health and Hospitals (H+H) and Albany Medical Center.
  • Discussed proposed Board of Directors meeting dates* for 2020 and came up with the following approved schedule:

    • December 2019: A Doodle Poll will be done to schedule a Board conference call.

    • January 29, 2020
    • February 26th
    • April 22nd
    • June 17th
    • August 19th - Board Conference call
    • September 23rd
    • October 18th Pre-Convention Board meeting (The Convention will be held at the Sheraton NY Hotel in New York City on October 19th and 20th)
    • November 18th

    *Note All Board meetings may be subject to change (which will be posted when the change(s) occurs).

  • The Board discussed and approved a process to further investigate issues that have emerged which could be detrimental to the Union.
2019 Delegate Convention Action Report

Hundreds of NYSNA delegates representing facilities, individual members, and retirees from across the state met at our second Delegate Convention, Oct. 29 and 30 in Albany.

Members voted to approve resolutions on the following subjects.

  • Continue NYSNA’s support for our Medical Missions program
  • Support a decolonization process for Puerto Rico
  • Increase resources in the Campaign for Healthcare Justice for the Other New York – our campaign to strengthen New York City’s public hospital and health system
  • Form a committee to examine our union’s geographic growth and recommend possible changes to the structure of our Board of Directors
  • Improve communication among delegates and members
  • Seek member input in the 2020 Presidential Election

Read the complete text of the approved resolutions here.

A bylaws amendment that would have cut short the terms of four elected officers was defeated.

October 2019 Board Action Report
  • Discussed Convention voting logistics and received report from Credentials Committee about required qualifications for delegates. Adopted a motion to conduct votes via clicker, and via paper cards should an issue with the clickers arise.
  • Adopted a motion to allow up to 10 non-Board members to attend Board meetings, with the requirement that this number be re-evaluated annually. Members will be able to see the schedule of Board meetings in the Members-only section of NYSNA’s website, and will be required to email the Board secretary or their designee one week in advance should they want to attend.
  • Adopted a motion to establish a timeline for the publication of Board Action Reports, requiring they be drafted one week after each meeting, allotting five days afterwards for Board members to review and amend the report. These reports will subsequently be posted in the New York Nurse and emailed to members.
  • Reviewed Convention schedule and registrations.
September 2019 Board Action Report
  • Discussed the logistics and itinerary of the 2019 NYSNA Convention. Reviewed the Convention program, and passed a motion to survey delegates about their preferred convention length. Also updated about potential locations for the 2020 Convention.
  • Reviewed NYSNA financial statements and accepted the results of the audit conducted.
  • Reviewed NYSNA’s program for socially-responsible investing.
  • Reviewed proposed changes to the NYSNA Bylaws and Board’s recommendations to the Convention body regarding these changes. Adopted a motion to allocate resources towards educating Convention delegates about the proposed bylaw changes.
  • Received a legislative and political update regarding the upcoming hearing on safe staffing and the PAC interview and endorsement process. NYSNA PAC endorsements were voted on and approved by the Board.
August 2019 Board Action Report
  • Reviewed members of committees associated with Convention planning.
  • Heard report about the Mental Health Services resolution from 2018 Convention, related to the need for nurses to have access to a mental health program unrelated to their employer. Services will be offered to members free of charge through the Union Assistance Program.
  • Reviewed processes for digital voting for delegates, Convention security and filling of retiree delegate and alternate vacancies. Also reviewed the processes for electing Convention delegates.
  • Discussed the vacancy for the Eastern Regional Director Board position, and the relevant election process.
June/July 2019 Board Action Report

Due to the untimely death of beloved Board Member Martha Wilcox, the June Board Meeting which was scheduled for June 12, 2019, was canceled. In lieu of this meeting, we scheduled 2 conference calls, one on June 24, 2019 and one on July 8, 2014.

The matters to be discussed on these calls pertained to succession planning of the Executive Director and Convention planning.

It was decided unanimously on the June 24, 2019 call that Board Treasurer Pat Kane would be offered a 1 year contract effective April 1, 2020 and Executive Director Jill Furillo’s contract would be extended until July 1, 2020 in accordance with the following transition plan:

  1. Pat will remain on release time until November 2019 with Jill beginning to train Pat as Executive Director effective immediately
  2. Effective November 1st, Pat will resign from the Board of Directors and become full-time NYSNA Deputy Director. The terms and conditions of her employment as Deputy Director will be determined by Jill. Her training will continue until she assumes the Executive Director position on April 1st.
  3. Prior to February 2020, the terms of Pat Kane’s 1 year Executive Director contract, which will commence on April 1st, will be established by the Board.
  4. Jill will continue as Executive Director until April 1st, and in a modified role between April 1st and July 1st, under the current contractual compensation and benefit structure.

The conference call on July 8th focused on Convention planning.

  • It was noted that the one of the biggest issues would be the logistics of going between 2 sites, the Albany Capital Center and the Convention Hall and Meeting Rooms at the Empire State Plaza. It was established that it is a 5-7 minute walk between the two sites, but it is all indoors.
  • Established again that Bylaw changes are due 75 days before Convention.
  • Established that a Convention subcommittee needed to meet and that a call should be set up. This subcommittee of the Board would look at the proposed draft outline and give feedback, suggest speakers and review delegate hotel and travel expense policy. This would all be reported back to the Board for further discussion and approval.

There was a protracted discussion about having all business on one day. It came up that some delegates would prefer this so that they had the option of coming for the one day of voting. Some delegates cannot be away for 2 days. It came up that business meetings do not give Contact Hours and that’s why it could be problem to have voting all in one day. It was mentioned that in the bylaws there is no proxy voting at convention as this had also been raised as a possible solution.

April 2019 Board Action Report
  • NYSNA’s Political Director reported on the details of the newly approved New York State Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. She reported that the Medicaid reimbursement proposed increases were restored as a win for healthcare unions including NYSNA.  A clear directive was port forth from the Department of Health, the State Senate and the Assembly that staffing must improve and the study should focus on those improvements.  The staffing study language says that the study shall commence no later than May 1, 2019 although the study began earlier with the beginning of the collection of staffing data by the Department of Health. Discussion ensued about all the data that has been accumulated on staffing and will continue to be accumulated from NYSNA.
  •  The study is to conclude no later than December 31, 2019. 
  •  Stakeholders from statewide hospital and nursing associations, direct care health workers, labor representatives, and patient and community health advocates will be engaged in the process.  A motion was passed to form a subcommittee of the Board to oversee the implementation of safe staffing.
  • The Political Director reported on the status of safe staffing legislation with the bill introduced in the Assembly, but not yet in the State Senate. She reported on the support of these processes coming from the State Federation of Labor and our efforts for NYSNA and multi-union lobby days.
  • Statewide contract campaigns in both public and private sector were discussed in detail.  NYSNA Legal Counsel reviewed the Alliance Staffing MOA and answered questions from Board members. 
February 2019 Board Action Report

At the February 2019 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Amended and adopted a new Strategic Plan for 2019. The discussion focused on NYSNA’s approach to safe staffing, and maintaining and expanding public healthcare. The Plan also discussed strengthening the union through internal organizing, and supporting our members in Advance Practice.
  • Received a report about the current campaign for Medicare for All taking place on the national, state and local levels.
  • Adopted the Budget for Fiscal Year 2020
  • Discussed the progress of Safe Staffing legislation and the budget language on the staffing study in New York, and the recent request by the Department of Health for hospitals to submit staffing data to them as phase 1 of the staffing study. A publication date was also given for the Patient Care Chronicles written based on nurse protests of assignment (POAs).
  • Received a report about the New York City private sector contract campaign, with individual updates from each facility.
  • Received a report about 2019 coordinated contract campaigns in the New York City public sector. The kickoff in early February was successful, with 200 attendees. 
2018 Delegate Convention Action Report

Hundreds of elected delegates, representing NYSNA facilities, individual members, and retirees from across the state, met at our first Delegated Convention on December 7 and 8 in New York City.

Over two days of debate and voting, delegates voted to approve resolutions on the following subjects:

  • Building NYSNA’s power through member education and organizing
  • Creating strong nursing standards and defending nursing practice
  • Organizing the unorganized
  • Building solidarity, building a movement
  • Expanding the union leave program
  • NYSNA’s Political and Policy Platform for 2018-2019
  • Winning safe staffing at the bargaining table and in Albany
  • Educating and mobilizing nurses for “Medicare for All”
  • Strengthening New York’s public healthcare system
  • Fighting corporate control of healthcare and putting patients over profits
  • Building a strong NYSNA after the Janus decision (two separate resolutions)
  • Fighting to win the right to strike for public sector employees while protecting our existing legal protections
  • Protecting all of our patients
  • Promoting racial and economic justice by addressing the social determinants of health
  • Addressing the public health effects of climate change environmental destruction
  • Providing mental health support for nurses
  • Improving the health and safety of nurses
  • NYSNA can help win the battle against Sickle Cell Disease

You can read the full text of the resolutions here.

NYSNA delegates will meet for our next Convention in Albany on October 29 – 30, 2019.

November 2018 Board Action Report  

At the Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Received a report on the progress of voluntary hospital negotiations and an overview of the contract campaign timeline. Discussed different strategies enacted at the four hospital systems (now called “The Alliance”) involved in bargaining. Members have presented local and global demands to management, and will continue to attend bargaining sessions.
  • Discussed and revised the document, “Delivering the Healthcare New Yorkers Deserve,” and approved a motion to adopt the document.
  • Discussed preparations for the upcoming delegate convention, including a review of the proposed resolutions, finalization of the committee charges and convention rules and the adoption of a motion concerning travel reimbursements.
  • Approved a motion allowing for non-delegates to speak during the delegate convention after all delegates have spoken, including limits for how many non-delegate members may speak on a motion or amendment.
  • Approved a motion to make a financial contribution towards a nurse who was severely assaulted in a workplace violence incident, as well as to advertise her fundraiser on the NYSNA Facebook page.
September 2018 Board Action Report  

At the September 2018 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Discussed plans to advance NYSNA’s electoral and legislative programs including Safe Staffing and Single Payer. To date 23 different safe staffing resolutions were passed in towns, villages and counties, indicating a model for grass roots support to build on. A motion to approve all PAC endorsements was passed. Legislative Committee shared update on timeline and process for next year's staffing regulations, as part of budget process.
  • Reviewed current plans for 2018/2019 contract campaigns, to ensure these plans help advance our overall priorities and maximize connections between public and private sector campaigns. Discussed demands common to the four private hospital systems (known as “The Alliance”), as well as the situation at each individual hospital.
  • Adopted a motion to support legislation and initiatives aimed to level the playing field for labor and community-based candidates to run for political office. Also approved edits to the Political and Policy Platform.
  • Set the schedule for the upcoming delegate convention, including a review of the workshops and a discussion of the framework for legislative and regulatory efforts to address safe staffing. Potential speakers for the conference and rally were discussed as well.
  • Discussed the necessary committees for the Convention, and approved two motions: “Building NYSNA’s Power Through Member Education and Organizing”, and “Creating Strong Nursing Standards and Defending Nursing”.
April 2018 Board Action Report  

At the Wednesday, April 11, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Reviewed preparations for the upcoming Supreme Court Janus decision.  NYSNA staff are supporting local leadership in efforts to get membership cards signed, strengthen member commitment and engagement, and using micro campaigns around safe staffing and nursing practice issues.  The Board also reviewed 2018 changes to the NYS Taylor Law and municipal laws regarding so-called free riders, membership authorization and withdrawal.
  • Approved a motion to adopt the resolution “Calling for the Adoption and Implementation of Minimum Safe Staffing Ratios throughout the New York City Health and Hospitals System.”
  • Clarified convention delegate allocations, recommending an amendment to Article I, Section A to make members of the Board of Directors and LBU presidents or chairs automatic delegates, not impacting the delegate allotment for a given LBU.  Approved a motion to adopt “NYSNA Convention Delegate Election Rules as Amended April 11th.”
  • Approved a motion to support South Bronx Unite in their efforts to stop the NYC Mayor’s plan to build a new jail in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx.
  • Discussed ways to build the grassroots at NYSNA, following a “Yes we can” approach through the labor movement, following the leads of other movements (e.g., nationwide teacher strikes, student protests against gun violence), devoting NYSNA resources to support actions, allocating nursing resources, and developing position statements.
  • Received an update on private sector bargaining at Northwell, Albany Medical Center, and the upcoming Bargaining Conference for NYC private sector facilities on May 22nd-23rd.
  • Reviewed plans for a march to support behavioral health initiatives in response to NY Presbyterian’s Allen Pavilion planning to decertify 35 in-patient beds.  The closure of these beds is opposed by physicians and the local Community Board Health Committee and Community Planning Board.
  • Received reports from NYSNA’s Political Action Committee, Member Engagement and Leadership Development, Climate Justice and Disaster Relief Committee, Single Payer Committee, and Legislative Committee.
  • Approved a motion to endorse the following candidates: Harvey Epstein (NYS Assembly District 74 – Democrat/Working Families); Brian Barnwell (NYS Assembly District 30 – Democrat/Working Families); and Marisol Alcantra (NYS Senate District 31 – Democrat).
February 2018 Board Action Report  

At the Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Reviewed the growing NYC psychiatric health crisis, where Allen Pavilion of NY Presbyterian plans to close 30 psychiatric beds, and Mt. Sinai has closed geriatric and MICA psychiatric units. A campaign inclusive of a march in support of psychiatric services, in concert with community based organizations, was suggested.
  • Reviewed NYSNA’s 2018 Strategic Plan and Budget for Fiscal Year 2019. Strategic plan includes promoting safe staffing at the bargaining table; maintaining and expanding public health systems across the state and ensuring adequate funding and access to quality care; strengthening NYSNA in advance of Janus Supreme Court Decision; promoting social justice and public health; and developing union leadership.
  • Approved motions to adopt the proposed 2018 Strategic Plan, and to approve the proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2019.
  • Discussed preparations in advance of the Janus decision from the Supreme Court, including a new member ID card program, and new NYS legislation creating a 30-day membership withdrawal window, unions’ right to access new employees, and possible changes to duty of fair representation.
  • Received a report from the Member Engagement Committee on leadership development and the creation of further training programs, including the “Lunch and Learn” program.
  • Discussed preparations for convention delegate elections, including the drafting of flyers soliciting candidate nominations and delegate election rules, for Board approval. An email will go out to all LBU members that elections will be forthcoming. 
  • Received a report from the NYSNA Political Action Committee.  A motion was approved endorsing special election candidates Luis Sepúlveda (NYS Senate District 32) and Shelley Mayer (NYS Senate District 37). A motion was also approved appointing NYSNA PAC Trustees; allowing the Board of Directors to use applicable and relevant provisions of the NYSNA PAC’s by-laws for the newly-created NYSNA Federal PAC, until new rules are drafted and approved for the Federal PAC; and approving the operation of the NYSNA Federal PAC to make contributions to candidates for office and political committees, and to make independent political expenditures as permitted by law.


November 2017 Board Action Report

November 2017 Board Action Report

At the November 15, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board

  • Discussed various topics in planning for NYSNA’s new structure, including timetables for convention delegate elections, orientations, and the convention; content of delegate trainings, and setting a date for the delegate convention.
  • Broke into sub-groups to discuss topics for the 2018 NYSNA Strategic Plan, which included internal organizing, political agenda, and public health.
  • Set dates for 2018 Board of Directors meetings.
  • Announced Hermanuella Hyppolite as new Director of SPAN, and Jill Furillo as recipient of Italian Heritage Award.
2017 Voting Body Action Report

NYSNA’s Voting Body met on Thursday, Oct. 12 at the end of the NYSNA Convention.

The Voting Body voted to approve three amendments to the NYSNA Bylaws:

  1. The first change creates a Delegate Convention by expanding Congress and merging it with the Voting Body. The change also removes staggered elections for statewide offices and aligns them with delegate elections, shortens certain officer and board member terms, and extends term limits for those affected.

    Diane Groneman, the president of the Local Bargaining Unit at Peconic Bay Medical Center, amended this proposal to add the chair or president of each Local Bargaining Unit as an automatic delegate to the convention. This amendment passed.
  2. The second change eliminates the election of officers for Practice Focus Groups, so that the PFGs will have more time for discussion and work.
  3. The third change eliminates Constituent District Nurse Associations from NYSNA bylaws. These organizations may now join with NYSNA as organizational affiliates instead.

The full text of bylaws proposals is available here. A new version of NYSNA’s bylaws incorporating the amendments is being prepared.

Finally, the Voting Body awarded Honorary Recognition, NYSNA’s highest honor, to Anne Bové, for her years of dedicated defense of our public health system. More than a dozen local leaders spontaneously spoke to Anne’s dedication, and her Honorary Recognition was granted by acclamation.

September 2017 Board Action Report

At the September 19, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board

  • Received reports on issues in each of NYSNA’s regions.
  • Reviewed issues emanating from the Federal Office of Labor-Management Standards: reporting requirements become more restrictive, operational definition of a supervisor being in jeopardy, upcoming NLRB appointments, and increased time before a union vote allowing for more time to union bust.
  • Discussed Graham-Cassidy Senate bill, the latest attack on the Affordable Care Act, and the need for aggressive advocacy to defeat the bill.
  • Approved a motion to nominate Robin Krinsky of Mt. Sinai Hospital as Director at Large to fill the position vacated by Mary Ellen Warden.
  • Received an update on the By-Law Amendment Campaign, including summaries of educational workshops, and a presentation for members covering delegate responsibilities.  Two forums are scheduled for additional explanation of by-law amendments.
  • Discussed the schedule for the 2017 NYSNA Convention, including assignments and awards to be presented.
  • Approved a motion to accept the recommendations of the Awards Committee.
  • Approved a motion to accept the audit of NYSNA’s financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2017, as recommended by the Committee on Finance.
  • Reviewed the September 18 meeting to expand membership engagement.  Primary focus was on ensuring new hires and current members learn what a union is; what NYSNA is fighting for and how they can be a part of it; how to support these members to get involved.  Also reviewed training tools from the Labor Education Department.  Recommendation was made to consider increasing staff resources for both Labor Education and Nursing Practice.
  • Approved a motion to endorse candidates in NYC, Southern Westchester, Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Nassau/Suffolk Counties, based on recommendations from the Political Action Committee.

Received an update on legislative efforts: Tara Martin was recognized for her advocacy work by the Queens Young Democrats; review of upcoming Constitutional Convention, and efforts to organize members and others to oppose the Convention

June 2017 Board Action Report

At the June 6, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board

  • Received reports from regional directors on local issues.
  • Reviewed the current landscape of safety-net funding, including distributing lobbying assignments, discussing results of Blue Ribbon Report that was poorly researched; follow-up study by NYSNA demonstrates public facilities are cost efficient and need more financial support.
  • Approved a motion to revise the arbitration policy as submitted to the Board.
  • Reviewed a report from the Member Engagement Committee.  A survey will be sent to all members.  Committee is currently seeking accreditation to convert CEs to college credit.
  • Approved a motion to dissolve the Protected Action Fund (not accessed for more than 5 years) and refer current funding to the general budget.
  • Received recommendations from the Structures Committee.  The committee recommended replacing Voting Body with a delegated convention; removing Practice Focus Groups; removing districts and replacing with affiliate recognition as presently outlined in the by-laws for other similar organizations.  The Committee also presented a review of current committee and council membership.
  • Approved a motion to appoint committee and council members as submitted by the Structures Committee.
  • Reviewed the Political Action Committee’s recommended endorsements.
  • Approved a motion to accept the endorsements submitted by the PAC.
  • Received a report on the October 2017 Convention at the Javits Center in New York City.  Possible guest speakers were discussed, along with the schedule of events and possible presentations.
April 2017 Board Action Report
At the April 20, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Reviewed regional issues, including town halls and political actions related to health care legislation, single-payer support activities, and the first annual meeting of the NYC H+H Board of Directors.
  • Received reports on increased membership involvement and organizing efforts: Registration for Lobby Day is high, ratified contracts distributed to members, rounding of facilities, election of new LBU officers and delegates, POA campaigns, high inter-regional attendance, follow-up on contract implementation, successful outcomes for members wrongly impacted by labor relations decisions, and a review of alternate approaches to organizing among members of different generations.
  • Evaluated the current landscape of healthcare and related issues: the recent American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the Blue Ribbon Commission Report from the NYC Mayor’s Office, and various Federal labor issues (NLRB, Office of Labor-Management Standards, possibility of national “right to work” legislation, and impact of the Supreme Court on the future of labor).
  • Voted on 2 PAC Resolutions:
    a) to create a NYSNA Federal Political Action Committee
    b) to oppose the NY Constitutional Convention.
  • The Board’s Nominations and Election Policy was reviewed and approved.
  • Adopted a statewide program to identify, recruit, mentor, and develop new members as future leaders.  
  • Agreed to develop a Structures Committee Action Plan.
  • Planned for NYSNA’s Lobby Day in Albany, focusing on Scope of Practice, the AHCA, Enhanced Safety Net Legislation, safe staffing, and the NY Health Act.  Reviewed logistics and schedule for the day.
  • Received a report on member education and internal organizing, recapping the successful Scope of Practice card campaign, development of NYSNA Member Guide, certification review classes, steward trainings, community work in conjunction with Social Justice Committee, and member engagement training.  
  • Reviewed successful organizing efforts for Single Payer Lobby Day, and upcoming Climate Justice rallies in NYC and DC, as well as ongoing community education efforts for climate justice and single payer. Resolved to develop relationships with banking institutions with comprehensive policies regarding investment in energy sector consistent with fighting climate change.
February 2017 Board Action Report

At the February 7, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board: 

  • Approved a motion to extend the Executive Director’s contract by two years.
  • Reviewed and adopted the NYSNA 2017 Strategic Plan to promote safe staffing at the bargaining table and in the legislature; maintain and expand public healthcare systems across the state and ensure access to quality care in all systems; strengthen NYSNA; promote social justice and the public health; and develop union leadership.
  • Reviewed the recommendations of the Structure Task Force.
  • Approved the formation of the following new administration/operational Board-appointed committees:
    • Resolutions Committee
    • Leadership Development/Membership Engagement
    • Strategic Campaign Committees
    • Single Payer
    • Climate Change
    • Health & Safety
    • Retiree Health
    • Approved motions to appoint Patricia Holloman to the Council on Nursing Practice; to refer to the Structure Task Force the appointment of Audrey Graham to the Editorial Board; and to appoint Anthony Ciampa as chair of the Leadership/Membership Committee.
    • Approved a motion to adopt the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018.
    • Approved a motion, recommended by the Committee on Finance, to transfer the sale of the Latham, NY building to the NYSNA investment account.
    • Received a report on NYSNA’s strong attendance at a January 13-15 conference on Single Payer and the Affordable Care Act.
    • Discussed the New York State Budget, which the Governor failed to sign, and the need for budget advocacy to achieve similar financial outcome that Safety Net legislation would have brought.
    • Reviewed pending Right to Work legislation and Supreme Court nominee and their threat to progress by NYSNA and labor in general.  The Board will consider proactive initiatives to counter these developments.
    • Approved a motion to adopt the new NYSNA Conflict of Interest Policy.
November 2016 Board Action Report

At the November 10, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board: 

  • Reviewed resolutions passed, defeated, and not considered by the Voting Body at the October 18, 2016 NYSNA Biennial Convention.
  • Assessed Board Member evaluations of the Biennial Convention to further improve upon the successes and to further develop agenda and structure for Voting Body.
  • Received report from financial auditor, who reported NYSNA received a “qualifying opinion,” the highest possible opinion.
  • Thoroughly discussed and formulated NYSNA’s strategic plan for 2017, breaking into groups for intensive planning on Internal Organizing, Legislative Initiatives, and Public Safety Net.  Each group reported back and a draft of the 2017 Strategic Plan was created, with a final draft to be distributed at the next Board meeting.
  • Explored options for NYSNA’s evolving structure and Board Policies & Procedures.  A report was presented on the structure of similar labor unions, and discussion will continue at the next Board meeting.
October 2016 Board Action Report

Hundreds of members from every region of our union convened the NYSNA Voting Body on Tuesday, Oct. 18, at the end of the NYSNA Biennial Conference.

Voting Body is our union’s highest decision-making body. This year, we re-arranged the agenda to give more time to put forward and debate resolutions – and members submitted two dozen proposals.

We voted to pass resolutions on the following subjects:

  • Our commitment to defend and expand our public sector hospitals.
  • Our work to fight the corporatization of healthcare in Queens and Brooklyn.
  • Supporting a universal single-payer healthcare system in New York State and beyond.
  • Standing in solidarity with Long Island nurses at St. Charles and St. Catherine of Siena who have voted to authorize a strike.
  • Supporting and expanding mental health services in Staten Island.
  • Launching a comprehensive contract strategy process to prepare for the next round of bargaining.
  • A private-sector member strike savings plan.
  • Addressing the opioid epidemic.
  • Organizing to build nurse power in upstate hospitals.
  • Fighting for safe staffing ratios in our contracts.
  • Expanding our work to train member-leaders.
  • Two resolutions on making the fight for retiree health benefits a priority for our union and our union benefit fund trustees.
  • Fighting the erosion of RN leadership roles from our union in our H+H bargaining units.
  • Mobilizing for a rally for a fair contract at Westchester Medical Center.

The Board of Directors will be reviewing all the resolutions that we did not have time to discuss at our next board meeting.

September 2016 Board Action Report

  At the September 20, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Reviewed NYSNA’s strategic priorities and the role of the Executive Board in advancing member involvement, developing leadership, and overcoming challenges to labor and the nursing profession.
  • Received reports on all private and public sector facilities, outlining resource allocation, member education, leadership development, and the provision of services to patients.
  • Evaluated NYSNA’s organizational structure and moved to form a committee to examine the structure further and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Planned for NYSNA’s Biennial Conference, including registration, hotel, conference agenda, continuing education component, film screenings, and Voting Body.
  • Received a report from the Finance Committee on NYSNA’s financial health, including the results of the independent Audit of Financial Statement rendering an unqualified opinion on NYSNA’s budget, the highest opinion possible.  
June 2016 Board Action Report

At the June 2, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board

  • Reviewed the Safe Staffing portion of the NYSNA Strategic Plan.
  • Received an update on the progress of single payer healthcare legislation in NY.  The bill passed the Assembly on June 1, and twenty-two more votes are needed in the Senate to bring the bill to the floor.  NYSNA’s advocacy efforts have focused on multi-union support, educating members on the link between single-payer and safe staffing, and using the film “Fix It” as a teaching aid on the subject.
  • Discussed NYSNA’s efforts to combat climate change.  The NYS Climate and Community Protection Act passed the Assembly on June 1 and is supported by NY Renews (coalition of unions supporting climate justice).  NYSNA will continue to address concerns on fracking, fossil fuels, dirty energy, transitioning to 100% renewables, creating sustainable green energy jobs, and public ownership of energy. 
  • Received a report on the impact of the closure of Beth Israel Hospital, with a loss of 850 hospital beds, and the impact on affected communities.  Bellevue Hospital will end up covering the community previously served by Beth Israel, whose closure demonstrates the need for Enhanced Safety Net Hospital Legislation to provide financial support to hospitals serving the poorest populations.
  • Approved a motion to follow the Finance Committee’s recommendation, for US equities, to divest from Vanguard Total Stock Market Index and invest those funds in the Calvert Large Cap Core US Responsible Index Fund, and for international equities, to divest from the Dodge Cox International Equity and invest those funds in Domini International Social Equity.
  • Reviewed preparations for the NYSNA 2016 Biennial on October 17-18 at the Sheraton Times Square in NYC.
  • Received an update on the Joint Public Sector Conference & Congress.  Nearly 350 members, including most of the Board, have signed up.  Politicians from the city, county, and possibly state will attend.  Theme will be solidarity between public and private sector around safety net funding.  A survey will be sent out to members to find out what issues they want to discuss.
  • Performed a review of NYSNA policies, beginning with the history and evolution of NYSNA’s current policies.  The Board discussed recommendations for the Election Policy, the history of the Audit Committee, possible changes to Investment Policy, and clarified that members must remain in good standing for the duration of their term of service.  The recommendations were approved tentatively.  Further discussion was tabled until the full Board is present.
April 2016 Board Action Report

At the April 21, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board

  • Received an update on internal organizing efforts: development of Sales Force database, issues concerning retiree members, and standardization of new member orientations.
  • Reviewed NYSNA’s legislative agenda, including the recently-passed New York State Budget; report on election results from the NYSNA Political Action Committee; review of state election laws; and policy discussions.
  • Discussed plans for the March 8th Leadership Conference, focused on solidarity between public and private sector members.
  • Reviewed April 13th Lobby Day in Albany.  High turnout for the rally, good media coverage, productive meetings with elected officials, and appreciation from CWA for demonstrating in solidarity with them made for a successful day.
  • Reviewed planning for the June 23rd Public Sector Bargaining Conference & Congress.  Changes to the structure of Congress, distribution of the Strategic Plan to members, survey on environmental issues, and ways to increase open discussion during Congress were discussed.
  • Received a report on the Labor Notes conference.  A good cross section of attendees were represented, with a focus on national and international solidarity.  Healthcare workers are united in fighting for safe staffing legislation.
  • Received a report from the Finance Committee.  Two socially responsible investment funds were reviewed, as referred by Meketa investment consultants.  The recommendation will be considered at the June 2016 Finance Committee meeting.  The Board approved a motion to transfer one million dollars from investments to operations, with the goal of returning these funds back to investments within the current fiscal year.
February 2016 Board Action Report

At the February 2, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board

  • Reviewed NYSNA’s 2016 Strategic Plan, covering: social justice, safe staffing (including POA campaigns, staffing captain campaigns, city councils vs. state, and hospital re-design), single payer, climate justice, maintaining and expanding the public healthcare system across NY, advancing single payer, fighting the corporate healthcare agenda (including advocating against Friedrichs), organizing the unorganized, and developing union leadership.  The Board approved a motion to adopt the Strategic Plan as presented.
  • Approved a motion to appoint Kris Powell, RN, to the Arbitration Appeals Panel, and Jayne Camissa, RN, and Martha Wilcox, RN, as alternates.
  • Received NYSNA’s 2017 Financial Report and Budget from the Finance Committee, including investment policy and socially responsible investment funds.  The Board approved a motion to approve the 2017 NYSNA Budget as presented.
  • Approved motions from the NYSNA Political Action Committee to endorse NYSNA’s affiliation with the Working Families Party.
  • Reviewed the history of the pending Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case before the Supreme Court.  Discussed the possible impact of a ruling on right to work/anti-union advocacy efforts, the possible financial impact on NYSNA, and action to be taken to protect against negative outcomes by focusing on internal organizing in public and private sector.
November 2015 Board Action Report

At the Tuesday, November 17, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Evaluated NYSNA’s 2015 Strategic Plan.
  • Reviewed the Financial Report dated September 30, 2015, including investment policy and socially responsible investing.
  • Discussed NYSNA’s delegation that traveled to Cuba to learn about the Cuban healthcare system.  A video, PowerPoint presentation, and article will be created to share with members.
  • Discussed the Progressive Agenda Committee, whose goal is to lift the “floor” for working people and support working families.  A request for members was made.
  • Recap of the OURWalmart hunger strike protests at home of company executive Alice Walton in Manhattan, protesting low wages and lack of benefits.
  • Review of NYSNA’s 2016 Strategic Plan.  Discussion included: the public sector (organize all LBUs, study role and needs of public sector), internal organizing/contract enforcement (steward training, public relations, labor-management committees, DSRIP, contract enforcement, community assessment), and legislative initiatives (safe staffing, single payer).
  • Approved a motion to continue NYSNA’s support of Trade Unions for Energy Democracy.
2015 Convention Action Report

Caring for All New Yorkers – that was the theme of NYSNA’s 2015 Convention. And we turned that mission into action. We rallied with the community against the “bomb trains” filled with unstable fracking oil running through Saratoga Springs. Hundreds of leaders attended educational strategy sessions on POA campaigns, hospital restructuring, and organizing. We met with lawmakers to chart out our path to victory for safe staffing and healthcare for all. And on our way we home, we stopped our buses at the offices of Interim Health to rally against their outrageous racist “no Haitians” want ad.

You can see photos of our convention here and here, press coverage from our rally to raise awareness about the fracking trains here, and coverage of our rally in solidarity with Haitian RNs here.

Here are the official actions we took at the convention to chart our course over the next year:

  • NYSNA’s Council on Nursing Practice passed a resolution on “Reclaiming our practice” recommending that the Board of Directors takes steps against management attempts to introduce lean production methods from factories into our units. The resolution calls on us to organize our new Professional Practice Committees to insist on a voice in hospital decisions, and share strategies from across bargaining units to resist management’s attacks on our practice.
  • NYSNA’s Congress of Local Bargaining Unit Leaders discussed our successes in the past year and recommended to the Board of Directors resolutions on “Building a Movement of Nurses” and “Defending the Public Sector.” The resolutions set a goal of recruiting a leader on every unit and every shift of our facilities, to continue our efforts to resist privatization, to launch new advanced classes for NYSNA Stewards, and to reach out to nursing students.
  • NYSNA’s President Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN reported to the Voting Body on resolutions we passed last year, including our expanding steward training program, our work among student nurses, and our successful efforts to build an alliance of unions opposing climate change.
  • The Voting Body approved Honorary Recognition, NYSNA’s highest honor, for past president Patricia DiLillo, RN for her work to transform NYSNA into a democratic organization.
  • The Voting Body approved posthumous Honorary Recognition for Joan Cumberbatch, RN, Nadia Jakoubek, RN, and Bernadette Bellantoni, RN, for their years of work to build NYSNA.
April 2015 Board Action Report

At the Friday, April 17, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting, our Board:

  • Reported on the status of DSRIP. Important highlights include: stopping the proposal to allow private equity investors to own and operate hospitals in New York; creation of a DSRIP Public Advocate to protect interests of patients, communities, and workers; preventing the further erosion of Certificate of Need Regulations, keeping “public need” as a component of applications to build new primary care facilities; stopping the expansion of for-profit corporate ownership of “retail clinics” (primary care located in commercial stores) and the proliferation of urgent care centers without certificate of need oversight; expanded oversight for the Nurse Family Partnership Program, which assigns RNs to provide regular and continuing support and education to new mothers and their children for the first two years after birth; increased funding for City and County public health programs; ensuring the creation of Advanced Home Health Aides is done properly with clear definitions of nursing supervision and staffing ratios; job protections and rights for healthcare workers volunteering to fight the Ebola outbreak; increased capital funding for hospitals; increased funding for safety-net/Vital Access Providers; passage of the “Basic Health Plan” to extend the availability of health coverage for those falling between expanded Medicaid and private coverage under the Affordable Care Act; funding for the Department of Health to conduct a state-wide staffing study.
  • Reviewed the status of the Voluntary Hospitals Contract Campaign, comprising 14 hospitals and the “Big Four” healthcare agencies (Columbia-Presbyterian, Montefiore, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt, and Mt. Sinai). Approximately 4,400 members participated in an event on April 16, 2015. Ten-day notice can be filed on May 21.
  • Received a report on organizing efforts, with midwives at Bronx Lebanon and mid-level providers at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital gaining recognition.
  • Reviewed the plan for Lobby Day on April 21, focusing on safe staffing and single payer healthcare, including reviews of Lobby Leader Training and the schedule of the day.
  • Reinforced the clarity of purpose of the Retired Nurses Action Network.
  • Discussed the impact and nationwide expansion of “right to work” legislation—supported by the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Birch Society, and the Koch Brothers—and its impact on NYSNA through the legislation’s prohibition of union security agreements and reduction in collective voice.
  • Reviewed plans for the October 19-21 NYSNA 2015 Convention, outlining planning for registration, hotel, transportation, the convention’s “NYSNA Caring for ALL New Yorkers” theme, and the schedule of activities. 
February 2015 Board Action Report

At the February 3, 2015 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Approved a motion to continue our support for the Labor Campaign for Single Payer.
  • Discussed NYSNA’s recommendations for the New York State budget. Our recommendations were sent to the governor, lawmakers, and other statekholders.
  • Thoroughly discussed the importance of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program and our response to proposals to eliminate patient care services.
  • Reviewed and discussed our successful implementation of our Strategic Plan in 2014 in detail, and approved our 2015 Strategic Plan.
  • Approved the budget for fiscal year 2016.
  • Discussed our work to win strong contracts that protect nursing and patient care.
  • Took a group picture to post on Facebook in support of a former NYSNA nurse who is waiting a lung transplant.
November 2014 Board Action Report

At the November 18, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Unanimously passed a motion commending the heroic work of Bellevue Hospital nurses who prepared and cared for New York’s first Ebola patient, humanitarian Dr. Craig Spencer.
  • Discussed our response to Ebola outbreak, including working with facilities to institute proper preparedness protocols, our successful preparedness work with state and local health officials in New York, and our work with with the AFL-CIO and National Nurses United to win stronger protection from the federal government.
  • Heard a report from the Finance Committee and established a committee to pursue socially responsible investment options.
  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the 2014 Strategic Plan. We surpassed the goals we set forward in our plan last year. We discussed our ongoing work to pass safe staffing, defend our public healthcare system, win strong contracts, challenge the corporate healthcare agenda, and build our union. (The evaluation is available from download on the Members Only section of the NYSNA website.)
2014 Biennial Conference Report

Our mission is to care for all. That's sums up NYSNA's new direction. And it's the subject of one of the motions we passed unanimously at our union's annual membership meeting, the Voting Body.

NYSNA members held our annual meeting on the second day of our convention. More than 600 members set the course for our union — voting overwhelmingly for motions to expand our campaigns to resist outsourcing, win strong contracts, and guarantee healthcare for all.

We also passed resolutions to make our work possible, including a resolution to hold a Steward's Conference in 2015.

NYSNA President Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN, ran the meeting and delivered a powerful address laying out how corporatization is putting patient care at risk. We also heard from Executive Director Jill Furillo, RN, Council on Nursing Practice chair Colleen Murphy, RN, Congress President Jacqueline Gilbert, RN, NYSNA Treasurer Pat Kane, RN, and NYSNA Secretary Anne Bové, RN. Bové introduced a series of resolutions passed by the HHC and Mayorals Executive Council – and received many congratulations from the floor on her work to win a strong HHC contract.

We passed the following resolutions, almost all by nearly unanimous votes:

  • A resolution recommended from the Council on Nursing Practice, to defend and advance our practice. The resolution calls on NYSNA delegate, leaders, and representatives to organize campaigns at the unit and facility level against the erosion of our practice. NYSNA's Council on Nursing Practice, Practice Focus Groups, and Nursing Education and Practice Department will serve as a clearinghouse for information and strategies to organize collectively to defend our practice.
  • A resolution to oppose privatization at Westchester Medical Center. NYSNA will continue and expand our coordinated campaign to stop outsourcing practices that are hurting patient care at WMC.
  • A resolution endorsing NYSNA's private sector bargaining platform.
  • A resolution to work with lawmakers to amend state workplace anti-violence legislation to include a comprehensive set of measures to prevent violence against nurses and healthcare workers.
  • A resolution about the mission of NYSNA and public sector hospitals, endorsing the model of child and elder care funds in the new HHC contract, a call for a coordinated campaign to roll back outsourcing in all healthcare institutions, and a call to implement an unprecedented coordinated campaign to make equal access to care and healthcare for all a reality in New York and the U.S.
  • A resolution on student nurses, highlighting successful programs to educate new nurses, and calling on us to expand our work to mobilize student nurses to fight for safe staffing, climate justice, and healthcare for all.
  • A resolution to deepen our work around climate justice, including continuing our educational workshops and working to expand the coalition of unions in this campaign.
  • A resolution on training new leaders, including a one-day steward's conference in 2015.

Click here to download a copy of the resolutions we passed.

The Voting Body was just one part of our very successful Biennial meeting – one of the largest in our union's history. More than a thousand members attended two days of educational workshops and meetings. We were joined by many allies, including NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, State Senators Bill Perkins and Ruth Hassell-Thompson. And just before our meeting, busloads of nurses rallied in front of the Greater New York Hospital Association -- calling them out for blocking Safe Staffing.

We are transforming NYSNA into a powerful voice to make healthcare for all and safe staffing a reality. Join our movement.

September 2014 Board Action Report

At the September 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Received report about the Biennial Conference regarding feedback, members’ impressions, and any opportunities for further improvement. All sessions were well attended, including the rally – which had over 700 participants.
  • Submitted meeting dates for the upcoming year for review and approval.
June 2014 Board Action Report

At the June 3, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Heard reports from each board member on our work to win strong contracts, pass safe staffing legislation, and protect nursing practice. We discussed the corporatization of New York patient care, and our work to protect patient care.
  • Discussed a report from our Finance Committee and appointed Martha Wilcox as a member of the Finance Committee.
  • Discussed our new Retiree Action Network, which is getting retirees involved in our work in the legislature and communities.
  • Approved two appointments to the Council of Nursing Practice, and appointed Carol Anne Lemon to represent the PAC and Mike Healy to represent the NYSNA Board of Directors to the NYSNA Council on Legislation.
  • Set the date and location for the NYSNA 2015 Convention: October 18-21, 2015 in Saratoga Springs.
April 2014 Board Action Report

At the April 1, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Discussed our March 26 Lobby Day and our plans to win Safe Staffing. On March 26 more than a thousand nurses held over 200 lobby visits to support Safe Staffing and the Community First Choice Program.
  • Reviewed the success of our ongoing Steward Training program, which has trained 312 new workplace leaders across the state. Many Board members have taught classes in the training program.
  • Reviewed the floor plans for the renovation of our new member space on the second floor of our New York City office. The entire second floor will be devoted to member meetings and education.
  • Discussed the effect of climate change on healthcare and working people. Sean Sweeney from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy spoke on what unions are doing to stop climate change.
  • Made plans to increase the participation of retired nurses in our campaigns for Safe Staffing and Healthcare for All.
  • Passed a motion to extend the deadline for the Secor Scholarship application to June 1, 2014 and to notify the membership by email and in the NY Nurse. This scholarship was established from a generous bequest of a NYSNA member, Jane Secor, Ph.D., RN. Dr. Secor stipulated that the endowment be used for furthering nursing education.
February 2014 Board Action Report

At the February 2014 Board of Directors meeting, our Board:

  • Reviewed NYSNA’s legislative and policy priorities for 2014, as well as logistics for Lobby Day in March. The Board also expressed support for the Community First Choice Program, and discussed ways to advance home health aide titles without deregulating the Nurse Practice Act.
  • Discussed outcomes of the Steward Training Program, with a review of the program’s recruitment process and follow-up efforts. Over 240 people have attended NYSNA’s labor education programs to date, with the latest session receiving more than 200 participants.
  • Extended the application deadline for the Secor Scholarship to June 1, 2014, and agreed to notify NYSNA membership via eblast and publication in the NY Nurse.
  • Announced support for the Western New York CWA action for “Safe Staffing”.

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