Upstate COVID Nurses Corps: Volunteer Today!

Thank you for your incredible service to the health of New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your courage, commitment, and professional expertise are carrying the Upstate communities through the crisis.

Unfortunately, NYSNA is aware many Upstate hospitals are initiating furloughs during this crisis. NYSNA strongly objects to furloughing or calling off any nurse during a pandemic. It’s wrong and irresponsible, and these hospitals are putting our communities at unnecessary risk.

While we continue to fight the furloughs, we want to share an exciting new development.

Hundreds of Upstate nurses have expressed interest and are ready to join the frontlines of the outbreak in the New York City metro area. Today, we are launching a program called the Upstate COVID Nurse Corps to redeploy Upstate nurses with relevant competencies to frontlines in the COVID crisis.

This team will travel down to NYSNA facilities in the New York City area that are in desperate need of staffing. NYSNA has initiated discussions with the State of New York and the various hospital associations to make this happen quickly. NYSNA and the State of New York will follow up with your employer regarding release from your regular assignment or furlough.

The State of New York, Downstate employers, and NYSNA will coordinate logistics and provide travel, housing, and training for nurses to join the COVID-19 fight.

You do not need to be furloughed to volunteer. There are furloughed nurses that can’t come to New York City, but would be happy to cover a nurse’s shift at their home Upstate hospital, allowing that nurse to travel Downstate.

We know we can make a difference in New York’s health when we work together in our communities' greatest time of need.

Sign up today and NYSNA will be in touch soon.

In solidarity,
Pat Kane, RN
Executive Director