Healthcare For All

Healthcare for All

NYSNA's mission is to care for all New Yorkers. We believe that healthcare is a right – and that everyone should have access to care based on need, not the ability to pay for it. That's why nationally we endorse a universal, single-payer Medicare for All system that ensures access to high-quality care for everyone. A nationwide, publicly funded single-payer system would replace private, corporate health insurance by extending Medicare to cover everyone living in the United States. Rich or poor, young or old – everyone will be in the same boat, with access to the same high-quality care. At the state level, NYSNA supports the New York Health Act, which would cover all residents and all necessary medical procedures.

Winning Healthcare for All in New York

In Congress, both the House and the Senate have legislation with historic levels of co-sponsors. In New York, State Assembly Member Richard Gottfried and State Senator Gustavo Rivera have introduced legislation for a statewide universal, single-payer system—the New York Health Act (S5474/A.6058). NYSNA supports this bill, which has passed the Assembly consistently and has strong support in the State Senate.


All patients deserve high-quality, affordable healthcare. That's why NYSNA supports a universal, single-payer Medicare for All system at the state and federal level.

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