Nurses Say No to a Constitutional Convention

When nurses go to vote on November 7th, we’ll be faced with a question on the back of the ballot—Proposition 1—asking if New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. NYSNA has joined with labor and community allies throughout the state to urge New Yorkers to VOTE NO on a Constitutional Convention, or “Con Con.” Check out our latest video about why nurses are voting #NoConCon!

Why We Are Voting No

A Constitutional Convention would be costly, controlled by special interests, and would put many of the rights and constitutional protections we enjoy at risk, including: 

Our Right to a Secure Retirement

Public pensions are guaranteed in New York’s Constitution. They can’t be cut or taken away from public sector nurses and other workers.

Our Union Rights

Our right to be members of a union and collectively bargain is guaranteed. Other workers’ rights like workers’ comp protections, minimum wage, and prevailing wage are guaranteed in New York’s Constitution.

Access to Healthcare

New York’s Constitution creates a legal right to equal access to quality health care for all New Yorkers. Two provisions in particular, the public health and the aid to the needy provisions, explicitly recognize the State's obligations to aid the poor and protect and promote New Yorkers' health.

Environmental Protections

The “Forever Wild Act” in New York’s Constitution protects the beautiful forests and clean water of the Adirondacks and Catskills.

Access to Free Public Education

Our Constitution guarantees free public education. Special interests at previous Constitutional Conventions have attempted to divert public money to private schools.

What You Can Do

New Yorkers have voted no on holding a Constitutional Convention in the past, and we can do it again. Below are a few things you can do between now and November 7 to spread the word about the dangers of a Con Con in New York.

Pledge to Vote No

Sign the pledge at and share it with your nurse colleagues and everyone you know.


Each week, there will be multiple opportunities to volunteer to phone bank, canvass, attend a local forum, or speak out in other ways. Check out the calendars for Downstate, Upstate, and the Hudson Valley, and email to volunteer. 


Remember to get out and vote on November 7. And remember to flip the ballot and vote no! There are important local races throughout the state, but the vote against a Constitutional Convention will be the most far-reaching decision you can make this Election Day. Re-writing our Constitution would impact New Yorkers for decades to come. That’s why people from across the political spectrum are taking a stand against a Con Con—we all have a lot to lose. Find your polling place here

See all of our candidate endorsements here.

Learn more about what nurses are doing to say no to a Constitutional Convention.



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