Nurses Say NO! To Constitutional Convention

NYS Fairgoers stop by the NYSNA booth to sign anti-CONCON petitions

On Election Day 2017, New Yorkers will be asked if the state should convene a convention to rewrite our New York State Constitution. It’s a bad idea for our communities and our patients.

Not only will this jeopardize access to healthcare and threaten our pensions, but it’s a massive waste of taxpayer dollars. There are no rules surrounding how our constitution could best be changed to impact issues that New Yorkers hold near and dear. Nor is the cost accountability to taxpayers—hundreds of millions of dollars—made clear. Click here for a flyer to learn more and distribute to your coworkers and friends.

Labor Unites to Fight Back

New York’s labor community stands united against the CONCON and the challenges facing our movement couldn't be greater, as articulated in this City and State article. 

This is why NYNSA’s leaders decided earlier this year to work with our union sisters and brothers in fighting this effort.

More and more unions are speaking out every day on the reasons why a Constitutional Convention is bad for New York. Here’s a link to an article from our sister union, Professional Staff Congress (PSC), explaining their reasons for opposing this CONCON job.

Get Engaged and Get Involved

On August 23, NYSNA kicked off the NY State Fair at our own booth, where we are collecting signatures on petitions opposing the CONCON. We will be there through September 4. Stop by our booth at the Fair for more information.

On September 19, NYSNA, along with many unions, will be participating in a forum in Brooklyn, sponsored by State Senator Velmanette Montgomerey and Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley from 6:00-8:00 PM. Click this link for a flier for more details.

On September 23, NYSNA joins with other unions in kicking off the statewide “Labor to Neighbor” campaign. We will be working with all New York State Central Labor Councils to talk to New Yorkers about the need to oppose the CONCON. Details can be found at this link.