NY Nurse HHC/Mayorals Special Issue 2013


In New York City’s HHC public hospital system, our mission is simple: We never turn anyone away. We care for every person who comes through our doors. No insurance? We give care. No name or birth date? We fill in the blanks. Everyone needing care gets it. No questions asked. By Anne Bové, RN, President of the NYSNA HHC Executive Council
For the first time in NYSNA’s history, we endorsed a candidate for New York City mayor this year, and we have already made a big difference in the city’s political landscape. Our candidate, Bill de Blasio, won tremendous support in the primary because of his vision for the city — a vision that features access to quality healthcare for every New Yorker, in every neighborhood. by Jill Furillo, RN
Wall Street and a shadowy network of right-wing politicians want to privatize services and deregulate care in our hospitals – for one reason: money. New York is the only state in the union that prevents for-profit publicly traded companies from running hospitals.

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