If Management Calls You into the Office

Here are some tips to keep your cool and protect your rights if you get called into the office for discipline or an investigation:

  • Ask what the meeting is about. You have a right to know what is being investigated or discussed before the meeting.
  • Ask for your NYSNA rep or delegate. You have the right to union representation if the reason for the meeting could be disciplinary. Before you attend the meeting, ask if the conversation could lead to discipline so you can contact your union rep/steward beforehand. If the answer is “yes,” you have a right to representation at the meeting itself, and do not have to answer questions until your rep is present.
  • Keep it simple. Answer management’s questions with clear simple answers. Don’t fall for fishing expeditions.
  • Don’t remember? Just say so. If management asks you about something and you don’t know the details, just say “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember.” The worst thing you can do is to make up a story and give management an excuse to try to discipline you for dishonesty.